Detecting the best travel affiliate programs and networks


Travel affiliate programs offer a great opportunity to become involved in the travel industry. You can choose some of the services below and start boosting your income:

  • Flight tickets;
  • Hotel bookings;
  • Travel insurance;
  • Car rentals;
  • Tour activities;
  • Cruises;
  • And more.

As you can see, there are many options for starting your online business. Having a travel webpage is not the only way you can take part.

Who can participate

Each affiliate network can have different conditions for its participants. There are many ways to make money:

  • Running a travel-related website or blog;
  • Doing black hat SEO or being good at SMM;
  • Having skills in traffic arbitrage.

Apart from those, people with no websites can buy ads in travel-related forums or in CPC programs and display their affiliate links there to make a profit.

Even travelers can cut the costs of their trips by using their personal affiliate links. In addition, by sharing with friends they can get commissions.

Flight affiliate programs

Flight affiliate networks give you an easy way to make earnings from your webpage. When visitors buy tickets by clicking the partner ads on your page, you, as the owner of the page, get commissions from the click or from a booking.

You can include a link in an article and transfer visitors to flight search engines,  and get a commission each time your visitors buy tickets. If you have a well-known brand or do not want to share your visitors with foreign websites, you can use White Label. In this case, visitors can access the form and search results without leaving your page.


This is one of the largest travel programs in the industry. While it offers various services for webmasters, it focuses on flight ticket sales. Its key product is

Jetradar allows webmasters to work with traffic from almost anywhere in the world by  providing services in 45 languages.

Commission structure

Travelpayouts has a CPA earning model for its partners. The more you sell, the higher commission you get. Your revenue can be up to 70% of Travelpayouts’ service margin. Revenue of Travelpayouts is 2.2% of the flight cost, so you can get up to 1.6% of the flight ticket cost. For example:

Total cost of a flight ticket Travelpayouts income Your income
$500 $11 Around $7
$300 $6.50 Around $4.50

Your profit is transferred by your choice: PayPal, ePayments or a bank transfer in dollars or euro. The minimum payout amount is $50 or €40.

Pros Cons
Up to 70% of revenue. High minimum payout for bank accounts ($500), while minimum payout for PayPal is $50.
High-quality support service for webmasters and extensive knowledge base. Payment is just once per month. However, in case of an emergency, a partner can request early payment.
9 tools available, including free API, White Label and Mobile APP. Hard to earn on low-cost airlines. To better serve clients, Travelpayouts includes search results for low-cost airlines, but not all low-cost airlines offers commissions.
Referral program is available only in Travelpayouts.

You can sign up via this link.


This is a search engine for flights and rental cars. Skyscanner works with the PPC model and gives commissions for exit clicks.


How much can you earn

Partners can get between $0.15-0.25 per exit click. The default exit click price may vary. It depends on the traffic quality. Payment depends on the offer you choose because, by working with many affiliate programs, Skyscanner maintains many different offers. Moreover, the commission rates vary from country to country.

Payments are made via PayPal or bank transfer.

Pros Cons
Well-known brand. Not available to webpages that do not have good traffic.
Free API (but it’s hard to get access to it). Is possible to be blocked without receiving pending payments.
Commission rates vary from country to country.
Only 4 tools are available.


This is a PPC-model partner program with a flight and hotel booking service. Besides, anyone can join this network but you need to  have a website to make earnings.


What is the earnings schema

Your earnings depend on both the amount and quality of your traffic. WEGO pays for exit clicks that require your visitor not only see the search results but also click on one of them.For such clicks, partners can earn between $0.05 and $0.40 for flights and between $0.20 and $0.80 for hotels.

Payment is made through PayPal or bank transfer. For PayPal, the minimum transfer amount is $100 while for bank accounts, it is $500. The two-month payout is made between 15th- 20th of any month. For example, if you are credited $100 in June, you will receive the payment from the 15th through the 20th of August.

Pros Cons
White Label. Payouts take 2 months.
Anyone can join. API costs $1000 per year.
Partner can be blocked suddenly because of poor-quality traffic.


Expedia is a travel affiliate program with not only a flight network but also hotels, car rentals and more services.


Commission structure

Commissions on Expedia vary according to the product yet the rate for each flight ticket is 1%.

Payouts are not sent directly; they are paid through or Payment methods and minimum amounts depend on your Awin or CJ account.

Pros Cons
Large selection of tools. Works only through intermediaries (Awin or CJ).
Well-known brand. Sales are not validated until the customer completes their flight booking.
API. API is available only after strict selection.

The following video will help you to find the best option:

Hotel affiliate networks

A webpage owner can get revenue from hotel bookings by working with major players in the market such as Travelpayouts,, Agoda and so on. In your articles, you can include responsive widgets or search forms that allow visitors to search for rooms.


This site has a widely known component for hotel search called It has a CPA model and is available in 45 languages.


Commission structure

Travelpayouts receives 7% from each booking. Your commission will change between 50% and 70% of Travelpayouts’ income. For example:

Total cost of a room booking Travelpayouts income Your income
$500 $35 $17-24
$300 $21 $11-15

Immediately after you become a member, you can access more details and statistics in the member area.

Payment period is 11th-20th of each month through bank transfer, PayPal and ePayments. The minimum thresholds are $500 or €400 for bank transfer, and $50 or €40 for PayPal and ePayments.

Pros Cons
High commision. High minimum amount for payments to bank accounts; PayPal and ePayments have lower limits.
45 languages available. is not available in search results via the White Label tool.
Audience loyalty.
Large selection of tools.

Expedia – and Trivago

Trivago shutdown their own affiliate program on 31 March 2018. Learn more about it on this page. provides an opportunity to compare hotel prices as members of the Expedia Affiliate Network. The only way to work with it is through a middleman that differs from country to country, such as in the US or Awin in the UK.

Expedia – and Trivago

How much money can you get gives money only from reservations. Commission on a reservation is around 4% to 5% of the room’s price.

If you have a Payoneer card, you can easily get your revenue. Moreover, they can pay via bank transfer or cheques.

Pros Cons
Expedia has CPA model for hotel bookings. Working through intermediaries.
Well-known brand. Middlemen and conditions of work change from country to country.
Easy to lose the customer because Expedia practices aggressive advertising campaigns. offers to join a well-known platform that compares the prices of rooms in 43 languages.


How much money can I get

The network has a progressive model for rates and earnings. The more bookings you secure, the higher your rate and earnings will be. You can look details in the following table:

Checkouts per month Earning rate
0-50 25%
51-150 30%
151-500 35%
501 and more 40%

Moreover, earnings are based on confirmation of the guest’s stay.

Payments are made through bank transfer or PayPal, with a €100 minimum transaction requirement. Profit recognition occurs 30 to 60 days after the guest checks out.

Pros Cons
A world-known brand. Individual commission split model.
43 available languages. Your visitors must not only book a room but also check out before you’ll receive your payment. offers a great deal to monetize your traffic in 40 languages through the PPC model.


In terms of commissions, you’ll receive $0.50 to $2 based on your traffic quality. Cookie life of the partner program is 365 days, which means customers who click on the search results will be included in your revenue throughout the duration of cookie.

There is a ‘Monetization Guarantee’ for new partners. You can individually insure your profits even if you don’t meet the minimum earnings level. pays out once per month if your account contains at least $100 for PayPal or $500 for bank account transfer.

Pros Cons
Long cookie life. High minimum payout levels.
40 languages. Statistics are unclear and difficult to monitor.

Agoda offers global choices and good prices through its database of more than 925,000 hotels. In addition, it supplies personalization opportunities with 38 languages.


Earnings and getting paid

In this partner program, checkouts are counted as your yield, not bookings or clicks. The margin is from 35% to 60% of Agoda’s revenue according to your conversion rate. This means roughly 3% to 7% profit from each checkout.

You can get your margin only through bank transfer, with a minimum of $200 required before the transfer can proceed. In addition, a $10 transfer fee will be taken from your earnings.

Pros Cons
An opportunity for personalization. Payouts are available only through bank account.
More than 925,000 hotels. High-level minimum payouts.
Transfer fee ($10) taken from your earnings.
Complicated and unclear system of commission calculation.


Thanks to TripAdvisor, webmasters can make use of tools to secure bookings worldwide. However, there is no direct way to participate; you can join only through CJ (Commission Junction) or Awin.


Commission structure

Your margin is 50% of TripAdvisor’s revenue. Four percent from room costs and €0.15 to €0.75 from click-out is shared with the partner. However, again, there is direct payment; it is available only via CJ or Awin.

Pros Cons
Earnings from both room costs and click-outs. Connection available only through intermediaries.
Audience loyalty. No direct payment.
Only 3 tools available.
No White Label.

Other travel affiliate programs

In the travel industry there are not only flight and hotel services but also cruises, excursions, rental cars and local players. Such services are worth to try as an additional income for webmasters.

Cruise Direct

You can offer limitless cruises from all over the world to your visitor by joining the Cruise Direct network. Thanks to their 45-days cookies, you are able to get your profit even though the visitors buy cruises after more than a month.

How much is your profit

Your piece of this cruise pie is 3% of the gross sale. Do not  underestimate that number; the average price of a cruise is $1000, so if a family of four books, you will receive $120.

Car rentals

Skyscanner has both flight and car rental partner program with many opportunities. However, is one of the leading, most trustworthy options. It is a member of the Priceline Group, which includes other travel giants:, Kayak and Agoda. With 214 companies in 28,000 locations, is a very prestigious resource for your website.

The more bookings you secure, the higher amount your earn. Therefore, your piece of the pie depends on your productivity and agreements.


GetYourGuide gives your visitors great options in 2,300 cities with 23,000 products.

Moreover, you will start with a share of 6%. Depending on the quality of your service, that share may rise up to 10%.

Transfer of your sharing is possible only via bank account on the 5th of each month. The minimum transfer amount is €50, £50 or $50.

Local players

A webmaster can get additional profit by joining local players like transfer/taxi services, local tour guides, exchange offices and so on.

To find such local player options, search for the destination in Google. Sometimes you must search in the local language.

There are more options how to make money from a travel blog:

Choosing the best travel affiliate program

In this market, there are  many partner programs with different options. However, the answer for the best of them is to determine what you need and want to offer your visitors. Therefore, you must work with many of them to see which are best for you.

In the process of choosing, consider the conversion rate and tools of networks. Also, check the quality of the products offered to your visitors. Poor-quality products will not bring you revenue even if the earning rate is high.

Travelpayouts has a wide range of tools, a high conversion rate and a detailed database. It lets you increase your profit up to 70% and offers a fast support service. Moreover, audience loyalty is one more plus of it. To find the best, try it now.

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