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Join the Webinar “How to Earn on Flights? Expert Tips & WayAway Program Review”

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Join the Webinar “How to Earn on Flights? Expert Tips & WayAway Program Review”

On August 11 at 4 PM (UTC), travel industry experts will reveal the best practices for earning more with airline and metasearch affiliate programs. Register to learn their money-making advice!

During the webinar, experts will provide an overview of the flight niche, discuss its earning potential and benefits, and speak about WayAway (the new partner program on Travelpayouts). 

Meet the Speakers 

We invited experts who will look at the many aspects of earning on flights from different perspectives:

  • Janis Dzenis (WayAway & Travelpayouts PRD) will tell you about the income potential of the flight niche, share basic advice for earning on flights, and lead into the WayAway partner program.
  • Michael Cole (Lead Content Creator in the WayAway team) will provide detailed information about WayAway and its advantages for travelers.
  • Guillaume Schaer (Founder and Lead of and will share his tips on how to succeed with flight affiliate programs.

Feel free to ask any questions to the speakers during the Q&A session at the end of the webinar. 

Detailed Webinar Agenda

  • Flight niche overview and income potential: average conversions, commissions, cookies
  • How do flight tickets sell currently
  • Basic advice for earning on flights from experts
  • Meet WayAway — the new flight aggregator and a lucrative partner program
  • Why your audience will love WayAway
  • Why WayAway is worth promoting

Join the webinar on August 11 at 4 PM (UTC) to ask your questions and receive a special gift! 

About WayAway

In July of 2022, the new flight aggregator, WayAway, launched. WayAway has been developed by experts at Travelpayouts, which means the service is backed by over 10 years of experience working in the travel industry with trusted brands.

Even more interesting for our blog readers is that WayAway has a partner program that offers incredibly high rewards and some special terms for the first partners.

Advantages of the WayAway Partner Program

  1. Income: Take advantage of the highest affiliate commission rates among other brands in the flights niche.
  2. Technology: Access detailed statistics on income, an easy-to-understand dashboard, as well as quick and easy money withdrawal.
  3. Scalability: Partner with a rising brand with two sources of income to maximize your earning potential.
  4. Tools: Get easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate affiliate tools, including links, banners, widgets, and promo codes. 
  5. Support: Have experts on standby to answer any questions and provide instructions on how to use affiliate tools.
  6. Content: Receive invaluable information and tips on how to work in the flights niche and affiliate marketing in general from Travelpayouts experts.

Try the WayAway partner program before the webinar and prepare questions for our experts.

50% revenue share
30 days cookie lifetime
$10 per sale of WayAway Plus
WayAway Partner Program
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