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Earn on the world’s best tourist experiences with Voyagin

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Earn on the world’s best tourist experiences with Voyagin

With the Voyagin Affiliate Program, you can start earning on tourist experiences throughout Asia. Voyagin is a very reputable company in the travel niche, with a range of over 3,500 experiences and 120,000 happy guests. Check out the affiliate program benefits and make use of the company’s best practices to increase your income and help your customers have a unique and unforgettable traveling experience.

What is Voyagin

Voyagin offers a wide range of experiences for every taste in over 200 cities in Asia. Being a mysterious part of the world, Asia attracts tourists from different countries. But, to have a better experience, it is crucial to know how and where to dive into the culture. For this very reason, Voyagin is ready to provide its clients with over 3,500 activities, organized so guests can truly experience Asia’s culture and natural beauty with the help of local guides.

What is Voyagin

To ensure the best quality of services, the company thoroughly checks every host in person or via Skype, so every offer on the Voyagin website is 100% safe, and numerous community reviews prove it.

The offer includes regular tours, as well as unique and once-in-a-lifetime activities such as meeting world-renowned experts in different fields.

On top of that, Voyagin provides its customers with 24/7 support, and it is possible to contact the company via live chat, email or phone.  So, whatever activity a client chooses, they can always ask questions in advance to be prepared and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

To start exploring Asia, your client will follow a few simple steps:

  1. Select a desired destination and choose between numerous available activities
  2. Book the experience
  3. Discuss all the details with their host, whose contact information will be available upon booking

So, even if this activity is something new for your client, they will have a chance to ask everything they need to know beforehand to be fully prepared.

Voyagin Affiliate Program

You’ll get a 2% to 4% commission based on the type of experience your clients have chosen.

Voyagin affiliate program benefits

  • Affiliates receive a 2% commission on the bookings made for JR Pass, Tokyo Disneyland, DisneySea and Fuji Q Highland, and a 4% commission on other bookings
  • Affiliate links get automatic priority in attribution over other referrals, taking attribution over any other remarketing channel that leads to a conversion; within the 30 day period of the cookie’s life.
  • Affiliate monthly payout is processed based on completed bookings (activities that have been completed by the user). Bookings that are made in advance for following months will be processed on the month of the activity date itself.

*Please keep that in mind that you can take part either in affiliate or referral program, but not both at the same time.

Tips and best practices


Below, you will find some of the most popular and interesting attractions and experiences in Asia, as well as recommendations as to how to promote the activities. Here are all the countries that Voyagin is offered in and the top converting products in some of them:

In order to find out the full list of activities for a desired destination, kindly proceed to the Voyagin website where you can choose from over 3,500 experiences.


Below, you’ll find some useful tips for the higher income in the Voyagin affiliate program. These recommendations were collected from Voyagin top performing affiliates, and they might be of extreme help when writing a new article or adding links to the existing content to increase conversions.

There are three key stages as to how to promote Voyagin:

  1. The reader opens your article
  2. The reader stumbles upon your links
  3. The reader wants to buy the service through your links

There is a number of factors influencing the success of the advertising content.

Placement & visibility

In order to increase the click-through rate and make links more visible to readers, it is recommended to make at least three placements in one article. Place the first segment in the introduction, the second one in the middle of the article and the third link at the end of the content.

Placement & visibility

Readability & visual guidelines

It is crucial to give the article the correct title and choose the best format for your content to make it easily readable and catch your reader’s attention from the start. To do so, you should name a title according to potential Google queries your readers might type to find out more about a particular activity. Here are some ideas for your article’s title:

  • Include a numbered list to show that your article contains substantial information, and that the text is well-structured and easy to read. For example, Tokyo Bucket List: 22 Things To Do or 8 ways to save money at Universal Studios Singapore.
  • Start your title with “How to” to make it look like a standard Google query, for instance, How to explore Japan by rail.
  • Include words Guide or Review  when naming a title: The ultimate guide to visit USS.
  • Tell your reader where to find something they are looking for, like Where to buy Robot Restaurant tickets or Best place to buy Robot Restaurant tickets.

Also, don’t forget about formatting your text. Use concise sections and headers, include numbered or bulleted lists, make short and easy-to-read paragraphs of less than 10 lines, and benefit from distinct color scheme.

As for visual components, it’s recommended to include only high resolution photographs in such a way that they occupy half of the white space of the page.

Positioning & displaying  benefits

It is important to explicitly present the program’s benefits so that your readers understand what an amazing opportunity they can have with Voyagin.

  • Buy tickets in advance to avoid standing in line later
  • Cancel an activity through a flexible cancellation policy
  • Instantly get e-tickets and make a last minute bookings
  • Enjoy service with high-credibility, since Voyagin officially cooperates with all the agencies presented on its website
  • Experience reasonable prices and discounts (To showcase this advantage, it is recommended making a price comparison table showing the difference between Voyagin costs and the official pricing.)

Also, consider adding useful information, like event timings or maps, to help readers make an informed decision.

Personal testimonial factor

It is important to build reader credibility, by sharing your personal experience with Voyagin or how much you trust this program.

Other channels for distribution (email, SMM)

Think of other channels such as email newsletters, social media or any other resources to cover a bigger audience.

How to run an exclusive campaign with Voyagin

The company expresses interest in creative promotion ideas to increase sales and conversions. Here are potential campaigns you can run together with Voyagin:

  • Coupon codes for readers
  • Giveaways
  • Social campaigns
  • Brand partnerships
  • Any other innovative methods

We highly recommend trying the Voyagin affiliate program for all our affiliates who are working with the Asia market.