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Meet our team: We have six new people at Travelpayouts

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It has been a while since we introduced our new team members. We are making amends and presenting our five new colleagues who are already part of the team.

Nikita Trushin, IT developer

Nikita fell for programming as a teenager, when he was setting up servers to play World of Warcraft with his friends. Now, he is very happy that things turned out the way they did.

Nikita lived in the city of Tomsk with a cat named Cat, and is currently in our office in Phuket. On the way to Phuket, Nikita was quarantined at the hotel in Bangkok. He says it was pretty boring there, and the food was disgusting.

Alexandr Meshkov, IT developer

Sasha is from the city of Novosibirsk and at the moment, he is working remotely. It is very convenient that the time zone in Novosibirsk is the same as in Thailand. It is a pity though that it is not as warm in Novosibirsk as in Phuket.

Sasha`s favorite country to travel to is India. There are lots of crazy things that happened to him: for example, he crossed the Himalayas on a Royal Enfield bike.

Sasha says that he always wants to get back to India. His favorite book that he recommends everyone to read is Shantaram. Sasha calls it “a blockbuster by Leo Tolstoy” because it is very dynamic and is written with the same depth of details as other books by Tolstoy. 

Andrey Bondar, IT developer

Andrey grew up in the northern Murmansk region and currently lives in St Petersburg. He shared a touching story about how he got his dog, Agatha.

In the autumn of 2018, he was on vacation in Montenegro and one day heard a puppy whimpering loudly. As the whimpering wouldn’t stop, Andrey decided that it was time for him to help. It turned out that a little puppy was surrounded by cats who were trying to attack him. Andrey pushed the cats away and then the puppy led him to the box where his sisters and brothers were. 

Up until his departure, Andrey fed the puppies and then decided to take two of them, a boy and a girl, with him back home. He got all the necessary documents and brought them to Russia. He gave the boy away to his friends and kept the girl Agatha for himself.

Anna Azarova, analyst

Anya was born in Chelyabinsk, then lived in Moscow, but has already been living for a long time in St Petersburg, a city that stole her heart. Anna has a degree in engineering and it is not long ago when she was still designing airports. 

Of course, Anya loves traveling but she frequently gets caught by natural disasters. She had to walk in knee-deep water because of the flood in Venice, got stuck between the passage congested by the avalanche collapse and the closed Russian border in Georgia, and spent the last vacation in Siberia where the temperature was -30℃ and the roads were covered in snow. 

Maxim Gubarev, analyst

Maxim was born and grew up in Moscow. He adores traveling, football and parties. In 2020, he fell in love with board games like many others did.

The most memorable trip for Maxim was the 6 months that he spent in the Netherlands where he studied and worked remotely for a Russian company. 

As a kid, Maxim loved reading and re-reading books about Harry Potter. Thus, he read each of them (both the original versions and translations) not less than 10 times. 

Nastya Sitnikova, email marketing manager

Nastya`s life philosophy is half-based on the books and movies “The Lord of the Rings”, which is her favorite piece of work. Once, she spent a whole week watching The Lord of the Rings movies from the morning till the evening on repeat.

Seems like if Nastya is passionate about something, it is always the real deal for her. For example, she can spend the whole weekend playing Portal or Hollow Knight or go for hours-long walks across Moscow.

Nastya has three polecats: Horich, Indiana and Nessy. She warns us all that polecats are very cute but having three of them might be too much. They are very intelligent, dreadfully active and are almost as omnipresent as cats but have shorter paws.

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