Travel blog on YouTube — an extraordinary way to earn on the online travel market

Travel blog on YouTube – an extraordinary way to earn in the online travel market

A travel blog on YouTube is one of the extraordinary ways to earn in a niche of online travel services not only with Travelpayouts, but also with other methods of monetization. We have collected most of them in this article. Moreover, one of our current partners has shared his personal experience and secrets to making a successful YouTube travel blog and how to earn on it.

Features of making a travel blog on YouTube

Travel is one of the most difficult topics to make a YouTube channel about. You cannot just sit in front of the camera and explain how beautiful the Maldives are; you have to go there and capture it. And this, first of all, needs money, and secondly, you need to process a ton of information on the Internet for every journey.

After a day of shooting, you should return to your hotel, edit and upload the video. Internet abroad does not always work well, especially in Asia. A large file of high quality video can take up to 3 days to download.

Good content does not include flying in the air — to make an interesting travel blog (especially now), you need to constantly invent a unique angle as ordinary travel to Thailand is something very few people are interested in.

One more difficulty — not all viewers are traveling in real life. There’re different reasons for this, but most people come to YouTube more to relax and have fun, watch something funny and get distracted from work. That’s why channels with the format of a travel show usually are more interesting to watch.

Of course, niche has also a lot of advantages. Travel — this is like a drug in the good meaning of the word, once you’ve tried it you can’t quit anymore. Travel blogging becomes a lifestyle. It’s very interesting, develops you, and constantly brings surprises and obstacles that you have to cope with. Travel introduces you to amazing people who become friends. That’s cool!

Travel is easy to shoot; you do not need a scenario and props. You capture your feelings, emotions, pictures or people around you — this is your content.

The audience is an independent and biggest plus. Usually it’s lively, bright and energetic people. Moreover, the travel audience usually consists mainly of adults. Adults mean solvency, so advertising is more expensive and such audiences buy more.

How to develop your own channel

Firstly, you have to create high-quality and interesting content. For this you need to invest money in equipment. Today even phones can take good quality pictures, but a special camera with a wide angle or even a drone can improve the quality of your channel’s content. Don’t forget to consider audio not just video quality.

Secondly, you need to care about the backend part. You have to:

  • Create good titles;
  • Always insert tags;
  • Make subtitles.

At the same time try to be alive and yourself in the video. Follow the popular trends so as not to miss a wave. Give people what are they interested in. And do not forget to communicate with the audience, respond to comments, arrange meetings, create contests, give gifts — it’s very important.

Promotion of your channel is also important, but creation of good quality goods is the foundation of success. If you do not have the relevant skills, you can hire a person who will take care of your video editing. It will give you more time for the creation of content and may increase the quality of your travel YouTube channel.

How to earn on a travel related YouTube channel

The logic is simple: more views = more money with embedded advertising. But total income from the channel depends not only on the number of views but also the channel’s audience. For example, embedded advertising on a children’s channel costs $1–2 for 1000 views, and embedded advertising on a business channel can cost $6–9 per 1000 views. Of course, the number of views on the children’s channel and the business channel will be different.

One more thing that will influence your income is language. There is more money to be made from the English speaking market than the local markets such as Russian, Spanish, French and so on. But, at the same time, the English speaking market is already more occupied, and you have to spend more time and money gaining popularity for a new channel there.

Embedded advertising

Embedded advertising is shown at the beginning or at the end of the video. It can be skipped, but sometimes it’s impossible (this is decided by YouTube itself), and if it’s impossible that is more valuable.

You also can set up pop-up banners, but we don’t recommend putting them on a 30-minute movie more than 3 or 4 times.

Cooperation with various companies and brands

Another type of earnings comes from cooperation with various companies and brands. The most popular methods are pre-roll (30 seconds before the video) and integration or product placement — the native mention of a product or service embedded in the content. Usage of this type of advertising is limited only by your imagination and arrogance.

Selling your own services or goods

How else can you earn? Selling your courses or some souvenirs from your travels can be an additional source of income. If you have built a well-known brand, you can even produce your own goods, such as a hoodie with your logo and so on.

Affiliate marketing

You can use affiliate links to boost your income. On a travel related channel this works well for:

  • Flight tickets;
  • Hotels;
  • Car rentals;
  • Other travel related services.

All of this can be solved thanks to Travelpayouts at the one affiliate program. You can find flight and hotel affiliate programs at the same place. Also there are various offers such as car rentals, airport transfers and so on. A full list of available options can be found in your account.

You can even use affiliate marketing to increase audience loyalty. Offer them cashback for buying through your affiliate link, and share your income with them. Just be careful, some travel affiliate programs prohibit cashback traffic.

The most important thing is to advertise a product that you actually use or would have used. The recommended service should be of high quality and valuable to the viewer. It allows your channel to build trust and also to have a good amount of sales. So choose the best flight affiliate program for tickets, the best hotel affiliate program for accommodation and so on.

It’s not a good idea to promote casinos, bets, and so on. It can provide momentary income, but strategically it makes a loss for your channel. If you respect your audience they will respect and listen to you and buy what you honestly recommend to them.

Tips for channel and video promotion

Your main goal should be receiving recommendations. The more your channel is recommended the more views there will be. Most importantly, optimize the video metatags: title, description and tags. Intriguing titles catch viewers’ attention and increase views. In the first few hours after publishing try to pump your video as much as possible.

The video thumbnail is also important. Ideally, it should not duplicate the title but complement it. That means the labels should not be duplicated on the title and on the thumbnail, but this is very difficult to do and is not always possible. The thumbnail should cause the “WOW!” effect so that your viewers want to click on it.

Clickbait is a very popular trick, but do not overuse it as unnecessary people will come to the channel and put a dislike for your video. These are not “your” people, and even if they subscribe, it does not bring anything good.

Interaction with the audience: it’s important to have more comments attached to your video. If everything is super sweet, people will not write comments. It’s important for the video to evoke the people’s emotions; it can be good or bad, doesn’t matter, but it should burn viewers’ emotions. Therefore, you can intentionally make mistakes in the video (people like to correct them). You can even do some slightly annoying things like chomping, licking your fingers and so on. People love to write about and focus on small things. Or you can simply ask for their advice, this also works.

How to start from zero

Come up with your own format, your way. If you want to create another travel blog on YouTube that’s similar to everyone else’s, it’s not worthwhile. Go right away with quality content and with something trendy. Care about audience loyalty and do not bombard them with advertisements. Be yourself and recommend to your viewers only those goods and services that you’re using or would use yourself.

We at Travelpayouts are proud that with our travel affiliate program you can offer your audience high quality travel services. Join us today to earn on your travel related YouTube channel.