Free Hotels and Flights travel Landing Pages

Free Hotel Landing

Yep, that’s right! We are glad to present our partners with travel landing pages without any registration or SMS! For free! 🙂
We have already prepared hotel and ticket landing pages in English (we also have them in Russian, ask us if you need). But let’s dwell on their use.

1st method. Add your marker to the ready-made URL

The landings in English are below:

So if we add your marker to the URL, we’ll get, for example,, where XXXXX represents your ID. Remember that your marker is the cherished 5 digits that can be easily found in your personal account in the upper right corner.

NOTE: all travel landing pages are responsive and retina-ready.

2nd method. Mark up your travel landing page with our source codes or publish it on your website.

2nd method. Mark up your landing page with our source codes or publish it on your website.
This method is also welcomed. It may happen that you would like to place your landing page on your domain, change the elements or even add some new ones. All source codes of design, layout, and archives for placing landing pages on your site are available here.

When publishing landing pages on your platform, you can change your default marker only in one place. As a result, it is automatically changed in all widgets used. Find index.html “default_marker: ‘11501’” and replace “11501” with your marker.

Choose your method, enjoy using it and may your conversion grow by leaps and bounds! Wish you luck.

Also take a look at our manual here.

P.S. Please ask all landing questions in comments.

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