Micro Niche sites — travel blog ideas

Micro Niche sites — travel blog ideas

Successful travel blog ideas aren’t simple. And if you build yet another website, similar to all the others, you will see how high the competition on the market is. You have to find a niche you have knowledge of; a niche where competition won’t be so but at the same time will allow you to earn money. Of course, you could see on big forums constantly popup titles: SEO is dead, micro niche sites are dead, it happens every year, but true that there is plenty of people still make a good income from micro niche sites via affiliate programs and Google Adsense. We have collected travel blog ideas on one page, and these should help you develop your own project.

You can make a study and good income from travel micro niche sites, with a micro niche you still receive good traffic without facing high competition. You can target small travel spots in popular Holidays countries or different subjects around the bigger niche.

You can go with sports tourism, historical tourism, travel by car or other different ways of travel which are popular in some circles of people, it can be mountaineering, rafting, Eco-tourism, gastronomic tourism, backpacking, drug lover’s travel, sex tourism, safari trips.

You can come up with a unique idea, I have seen good conversion rate from one of my competitor from hotel affiliate program, he was targeting Turkey Antalya hotels after I find that he had a target and advertise non-Russian hotels. By being Russian it is hurt me a bit, but from other side, I was one more time surprise how thinking outside of the box can help you in internet marketing.

Micro niche sites in Travel niche — what you should know about

  • Your visitors are much targeted, it increases conversion rates and with proper articles you can receive long term readers and subscribers.
  • Less competition and amount of quality blogs, you rank faster with less sources and investments.
  • You have plenty of long tail keywords to target, much more easy to find low competition keywords.
  • You will find easy sites for guest posting, you can receive good links from people within the same niche.
  • You can make extra money by partnering with local companies and offer add placement.
  • You will not be rich if you have only one site, but you can make couple of grants easy from single site.

There is plenty of ways to make money from travel blogging, but with micro niche travel sites your goal can be achieved with short time, micro niche blogging gives you opportunity to get money easy way, you can make up to 100$ day/week.

Micro niche site ideas – the way to success with a travel blog

  1. Spend some time to choose proper niche and travel blog ideas for your upcoming site, better to write about something you know well, try to choose topic popular in your targeted language, if it is English choosing the topic (Popular in Countries like US, UK, Canada and Australia with High CPC).
  2. Do proper keyword research, if you don’t know how, read our article on this topic.
  3. Build a Micro Niche Website — Once you are well known about certain facts such as how to create a blog on WordPress, then starting travel blog is not a difficult task for you. Once you are done with that then the rest will be taken care of your content.

As many of you know, our main office is located in Thailand, if we talk about micro niche here, I would think about less popular travel spots and attractions such as sex tourism, rafting, hiking, health vacations, and biking in Thailand.

I have done deep keyword research and find that all of this niches you can use for micro niche blog, for more traffic you can combine this three small ideas into one blog, let me show you couple of keywords.

Micro niche site ideas – the way to success with a travel blog

I just took Thailand as a country I live by now, but you can find plenty of micro niches ideas, some websites will require just about 5-10 articles all together, let’s say about 6000-10000 words per site and very small work on SEO part to rank for them, combine of site SEO with onsite optimization for a travel blog and you should rank in no time.

If you create network of micro niche sites around one destination or general subject you can really dominate niche, for internet users always having hard time to find proper content around small niche. If you invest enough time to research and write top notch content, success definitely will come and there is plenty of travel blog ideas to go with.