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Train ticket affiliate programs

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The rail market experiences stable growth all over the world, and you can earn money by joining one of the affiliate programs for train tickets. With Travelpayouts, you will have access to the following railway’s affiliate programs: RailEurope, Trainline, 12Go and Omio. In this article, you will find a description of each railway booking affiliate program so that you can choose the most suitable option for your audience.

Railway market

The rail market has shown solid growth from €169bn in 2016 to €183bn in 2018, with an annual growth rate of 2.4%. Such a positive trend can be explained by a good performance of railway transport, better environmental protection and an improvement in prospects for new businesses.

The railway network between Europe and Asia is considered highly potential, as the annual growth rate of the European market is about 4%, with its traffic volume of 450 billion passenger/km. The North American railway performs efficiently as well, showing similar rapid advances. In China, the railway business is quite saturated due to years of sustained growth.

Train tickets affiliate networks

Below, there is a table with the description of four train affiliate offers and a comparison of their advantages.

Program RailEurope Trainline 12Go Omio
Affiliate reward 3% on train tickets
4% on rail passes
1% for existing clients
3% for new clients
50% revenue share 6% on booking
Countries Europe Europe Southeast Asia and Oceania Europe
Languages 13 languages 14 languages 10 languages 12 languages
Join Join Join Join Join

RailEurope affiliate program

RailEurope affiliate program

With RailEurope, you can book a train ticket or a rail pass for your travel around Europe. The platform offers tickets of the leading European railway companies such as Eurostar, TGV and more. It is user-friendly: there are various currencies and languages of booking to choose from. Also, RailEurope offers a range of additional products that are indispensable for travelers: city passes, public transport card, hotel/train packages and more.

RailEurope gathers offers of 50 European companies and has a beneficial train booking affiliate program:

  • 3% of affiliate reward on train tickets
  • 4% of affiliate reward on rail passes
  • 30-days cookie life-time period
  • Affiliate tools (links and banners)

RailEurope is available in 13 languages such as English, Spanish, Belgian, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Swedish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Trainline affiliate program

Trainline affiliate program

Trainline is one of the most popular European booking platforms for train and coach tickets. The platform partners with over 200 service providers across 45 countries. The purpose of Trainline is to help customers find the best travel options on one website and combine different types of transport to save their time and money. Also, it is possible to save up to 51% of the booking price when purchasing tickets at least once a week before traveling.

Affiliates receive 1% of the booking cost for existing clients and 3% for newcomers. As the average booking cost is about 80 euro for European destinations, the reward would constitute from 0.8 to 2.4 euro. The cookie lifetime period is standard and constitutes 30 days.

The program is available in 14 different languages. Every day, the platform sells over 127,000 smart journeys which equal 175 tickets per minute for 80M customers per month.

12Go affiliate program

12Go affiliate program

With 12Go, you can find and book tickets combining different types of transportation (train, bus, ferry, plane and more) in a single interface and create the most convenient itinerary by saving your time and finances. Founded in 2013, 12Go is trusted by over 1M travelers and 60,000 positive reviews. The platform offers tickets for traveling around Southeast Asia and Oceania.

This train affiliate program will suit travel bloggers, agencies, communities, SEO-experts and everyone who is eager to make money on offering tickets on their website. As an affiliate, you’ll receive a 50% revenue share on all on-site sales. On average, the commission is about $3 for one booking. The cookie lifetime period is 30 days. Also, 12Go provides affiliates with all the necessary support and promotional tools such as widgets, banners and links. Here is how a search widget looks like:

12Go affiliate program

12Go is available in four European languages such as English,  French, German and Spanish, as well as in Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Malay, Vietnamese and Thai.

Omio affiliate program

Omio affiliate program

This is another great website where you can book train, bus and flight tickets for your travel around Europe. In order to find one, choose departure and arrival points, then the platform will show all the transportation available. Tickets bought with Omio are mobile-friendly so that users don’t have to print them.

You might have heard about GoEuro before. That was the first name of the company, which is now called Omio. It boasts almost 30M customers every month and is one of the most popular ticket booking platforms worldwide because it compares travel options of 800 reliable providers for over 100,000 destinations in Europe such as Flixbus, SNCF, Eurolines, National Express and more. Thus, by partnering with Omio, you’ll help your readers find tickets at the best rates and generate extra income of your blog.

Affiliates receive a 6% commission on the booking cost and all the necessary promotion tools like widgets, links and banners. Below, there is an example of the Omio search widget.

Omio affiliate program

To cater to the widest audience, Omio supports 12 different languages such as Russian, Czech, German, English, English (US), Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish. Most often the service is used in the UK, Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Austria. Here, you can find more about popular routes with Omio.

What affiliate program should you choose

The rail market continues to experience stable growth all over the world, so joining one of the affiliate networks could be a great solution to make money online and help your audience find best tickets for their travel. With Travelpayouts, you can start earning with these four affiliate programs for railway tickets effortlessly: just add the necessary tools such as widgets, links and banners on your website and drive traffic to the partner website.