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How to optimize and automate your work

How to optimize and automate your work using a travel blog

Travel blogging is an enjoyable and exciting job, but the grind is real. There are articles to write, photos to edit and posts to publish on social media. Our affiliate described her best tips on automating post-photo and video processing, optimizing images and making her articles more attractive to search engines with half the effort. The plugin samples we mention are for WordPress drafts, but the ideas can be replicated on any platform.

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The 20 best resources to learn SEO

The 20 Best Resources to Learn SEO

You cannot avoid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) if you want to get good traffic from search engines. To make money with Travelpayouts or any other affiliate program, it is best to learn SEO and practice it. This is because to earn money, you need traffic. To make all the processes easier for you, we have collected the 20 best resources to learn SEO. Even if you already have knowledge or experience, it is still worth the read. In SEO, everything changes quite fast, and in 2019 you must constantly update your knowledge.

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How to build links to a website: link-building methods in 2019

How to build links to a website: link-building methods in 2018

Link building is the process of promoting websites by creating links to a website on integral, authoritative web resources. The purchase of links on the market is not regarded as link building. In this feature, we will answer the question, “How do I build links to my website?” and highlight the most effective link-building strategies most frequently practiced by SEO experts in 2019.

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Own a travel blog? In 2019 don’t forget to create a mobile version of it

Mobile website

Predictions that the smartphone would become the primary device for accessing the Internet have come true. In some countries, over 50% of people use only a smartphone to access the Internet. Each year, the number of users grows. All this underlines the fact that in 2019 any travel blog must have a mobile version of itself. This is good not just for your visitors, but also for you, as such an improvement can increase your income.

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