Results of our first webinar

24 May 2017 21 comments


We conducted a webinar on May 23 and now are ready to share main points, slides, and a video.

Webinar Video “How to earn money on Travel”

Nikita Gurovskiy

Head of Affiliate Relations from Travelpayouts told the latest trends and changes in our Travel Affiliate Network.


Alex Tachalova

An independent marketer shared how you can design a content strategy by uncovering why links matter in SEO, learning what types of posts generate links within the travel industry, analyzing how other travel websites are earning links and utilizing the power of influencers and outreach.


Ivan Kozlov

Our VP Mobile uncovered new mobile SDK. He told why our super affiliates use it and how it helps to generate them a lot of money. Finally, he revealed main techniques and secrets on generating installs for your new app.



Please, share your thoughts about our webinar in comments. Did you get any useful information from it?

Alexey Yanchuk

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  • i miss this first webinar because i had not time maybe next one
    can any one help me with Mobile SDK or how i 301 redirect to mobile page thanks

  • Karl Williams

    Were sorry we missed the webinar but will attend next time. Seen some interesting articles. Firstclicktravel

    • Sure, don’t miss a next one) Now feel free to watch video and slides above

  • klmar63

    Thank you for reposting this. i missed it because i got the time wrong for my zone. You have some great tools. Iam excited to see you will be adding Home away soon. Iam presently using your Hotel widgets on my site http://www.takefidowithyou.com which is pet friendly hotels in georgia.

  • Deng Majok

    I would like to get help on customization of of SDK mobile app

  • DubaiVisa HQ

    I am SEO specialist by profession working on my own travel search website https://dubaivisahq.com at the moment. Travel industry is heavily packed with competitors who spend $millions on Adwords and using all other marketing channels 360 degrees. I recommend that you target “less competitive long tail keywords” and optimize your content for it and look for whitehat backlinks. Make sure you stick to whitehat SEO methods at all times to avoid dreadful penalties by search engines.

    • Sure, less competitive long tail keywords work great. There are always some you can find.

  • Adil Boujddayn

    can anyone help me to make a white label, i doesn’t want to work, ik want to stay on my site, isothere somebody who can make that easy?

  • Soufiane Bouchouachi

    Is it possible to add new currency ? my website axapedia.com based in Poland but no Zloty (PLN) currency in the list.

  • Thanks for this webinar replay, I had missed the original webinar, now lets see if i can Make tons of money for the summer.

  • kalifa

    when will added the arabic language pleas ?

  • Nouman Habib

    My website is http://www.flightstox.com
    I have made a subdomain in the DNS and changed it to CNAME. It’s still not working what could be the reason?

    • Possible you did it wrong or just need to wait DNS update. Contact our support please.

    • Nouman Habib

      When I open my subdomain it says Page Not found and on click here it redirects to travel payouts. Could it be that the dns hasn’t been updated yet?

    • Could be, please contact our support.

  • Hwan Lenny

    Honestly, when I saw over an hour for the webinar, I didn’t bother watching it. Maybe you could push people to engage with it by breaking it into smaller parts, providing a table of contents or giving value statement like “proven way to make $15 at 10 minute mark”

    We’re educating student expats on all types of tips, including how to make money at http://www.Rakbo.com, so I appreciate all of your hard work. Will try to watch it later though as it undoubtedly has useful info.

    • Yeap, thanks for your reply. We definitely should a few smaller videos.

  • Just now i start using your API its working fine with me http://gopshnews.com