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New feature for automatic referral attraction in Travelpayouts

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New feature for automatic referral attraction in Travelpayouts

We have launched a new feature for automatic referral attraction in Travelpayouts. It does not require any action from you. All you have to do is activate the “Powered by Travelpayouts” label on your dashboard under the widgets. Code replacement is not required, and the function is turned on and off via the dashboard. The inscriptions contain a link with your affiliate marker for registration on the Travelpayouts network.

How it works

You activate the inscriptions, and we will do everything else. After activation, the inscription will appear under each widget with a link to registration. For example:


The feature is also available on White Label projects:

White Label

The person who registers in the Travelpayouts affiliate program via this link is then assigned to you, and you will receive a referral reward.

We checked and the inscription does not affect conversion rates. Moreover, the link in the widget does not affect your SEO. It is closed by the nofollow tag, and is therefore not considered by search engines.

You can turn off the feature at any time. You don’t need to change the code on your website to enable or disable the label. It’s done on your dashboard by one click.

What will you get

You will get 5% of our income that is generated by your referral during the time your recruit is working in Travelpayouts. The income is distributed as follows:

  • The total revenue from the sale of the flight ticket is $10 and the affiliate fee is $6;
  • Remuneration for the attracted affiliate is $0.5 and remuneration for Travelpayouts is $3.50.

Referral reward is 5% of our income is generated by your referral, and we pay referrals at the expense of Travelpayouts. This means that the earnings of the involved partner do not decrease in any way. We reduce our own earnings to pay the referral fee. We already wrote in detail about our referral program. As we mentioned before, we have currently paid more than $200,000 to referral program members. The highest payouts are:

Overall revenue Referrals count
$ 10 641 1 741
$ 9 258 330
$ 8 810 74
$ 7 738 35
$ 5 523 11
$ 4 478 53
$ 4 470 283
$ 4 258 155
$ 4 018 125
$ 3 828 330
$ 3 809 10

Now you have the opportunity to attract referrals automatically. All you need is to activate the inscriptions.