New Travel SDK for iOS apps


Our mobile development department has finally released a new SDK for integration of mobile flights and hotel search into iOS apps. We have already announced about the new features in the release. Now let’s talk about what we haven’t disclosed yet.

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How to make money from Hotellook hotel affiliate program

Hotel Affiliate Program

Hotellook hotel affiliate program gives you the opportunity to earn on hotel booking. It also provides your visitors with access to a robust hotel search service. You can convert the advantages of the Hotellook’s search engine into your own benefits, making it possible for users to find and compare hotel room rates around the world. Join the hotel affiliate program today and earn on booking through the Travelpayouts travel affiliate program.

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Earn up to 10,000 dollars per month from one single Travel Site (Verified Method)

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Micro Niche sites — travel blog ideas

The Ten Most Profitable Micro-Niches for Site and Travel Blog Ideas in 2018Successful affiliate website ideas aren’t simple to come up with. If you build yet another website similar to all the others, you’ll feel how intense the competitiveness is in the field. You have to find a profitable niche for affiliate marketing that you know about and that has a level of competitiveness that will allow you to earn money. Yes, titles like “SEO Is Dead,” “Micro-Niche Sites Are Dead,” and “It Happens Every Year” are constantly popping up on forums. However, the truth is that plenty of people are still making a good income from micro-niche ideas and sites via affiliate programs and Google AdSense.

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