How to Save Money on Airline Tickets/Hotels and Make Profits?


It’s me again!

You are used to travelling on your own, because your tour operators cannot offer you an appealing route, but they require tangible financial investments. It’s high time to make a profit on this fascinating pastime, or at least try to save money.

This post provides you with a simple algorithm that can help you save your time and money when travelling abroad and get a discount on airline tickets and hotels. Yes, it’s true – you can book tickets and hotels using your link and earn money.

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Don’t break our rules!

We'll punish you :)

Otherwise, we’ll punish you 🙁

Now we’ll talk about the rules of our affiliate program. Have you read them? In theory, you have, as you have agreed to the terms and conditions while registering in the affiliate program. But have you really read it? I don’t think so.

It is pretty boring to read long legal documents. So we won’t use specific terms and paragraphs of the offer against our partners. We side with you. But there are some rules to follow. Why? Now I’m going to make everything clear.

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