Own a travel blog? In 2018 don’t forget to create a mobile version of it

Mobile website

Predictions that the smartphone would become the primary device for accessing the Internet have come true. In some countries, over 50% of people use only a smartphone to access the Internet. Each year, the number of users grows. All this underlines the fact that in 2018 any travel blog must have a mobile version of itself. This is good not just for your visitors, but also for you, as such an improvement can increase your income.

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How to write a “How to get from A to B” text that will sell a thousand of transfers


The goal of your site content is to convert traffic into sales. That’s why you should not mindlessly drive traffic to your landing page if you are not confident about its content. Kiwitaxi has studied the most successful cases of our top partners — webmasters and created the full guide on writing a “How to get from A to B” text that sells. If you use all the recommendations collected here, you will be guaranteed to receive a highly converting text.

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