Don’t break our rules!

We'll punish you :)

Otherwise, we’ll punish you 🙁

Now we’ll talk about the rules of our affiliate program. Have you read them? In theory, you have, as you have agreed to the terms and conditions while registering in the affiliate program. But have you really read it? I don’t think so.

It is pretty boring to read long legal documents. So we won’t use specific terms and paragraphs of the offer against our partners. We side with you. But there are some rules to follow. Why? Now I’m going to make everything clear.

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Hello everyone!


We have totally re-designed our front page and launched English version of our blog. They acquired a responsive layout that runs perfectly on any devices and languages, and now show clearly who we are and what we do, so that any newcomer to our affiliate network would understand. We’ve provided not only the images of all our instruments, but even an easy-to-use affiliate revenue calculator.

And do you remember that you may get 5% of the earnings of all webmasters affiliated with you? This task has become even easier with the new page design. Feel free to get your unique front page URL in the “Tools”-“Text links” section of your dashboard.

Concerning the re-design of the blog, we have made it a lot easier for you to read and focus on what is most important to you. Should you have any thoughts and suggestions, please share them with us by leaving comments below!

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