New Travel SDK for iOS apps
Yulia Domracheva, 13 July 20179 comments


Our mobile development department has finally released a new SDK for integration of mobile flights and hotel search into iOS apps. We have already announced about the new features in the release. Now let’s talk about what we haven’t disclosed yet.

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Choosing the Best Flights Affiliate Program
Alexey Yanchuk, 5 July 20172 comments


Flight affiliate programs allow you to earn money each time someone books a flight or even simply clicks on an ad you have placed somewhere on the web. These programs are a great way to get additional income for travel-related website and forum owners, SEO and SMM specialists, and bloggers. If you or your friends travel a lot, you can also use cheap flights affiliate programs to save money each time you travel to a foreign country or even to a city nearby.

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7+2 best WordPress themes for quick creation of a travel website
Victor Pashinsky, 28 June 20179 comments


One of the most profitable variants of travel websites will be projects that are immediately aimed at selling various tourist products and services. They rarely attract high traffic, but the revenue per 1000 visitors can be 10 or even 100 times higher than a blog or portal.
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How to make money from Hotellook hotel affiliate program
Alexey Yanchuk, 21 June 201713 comments

Hotel Affiliate Program

Hotellook hotel affiliate program gives you the opportunity to earn on hotel booking. It also provides your visitors with access to a robust hotel search service. You can convert the advantages of the Hotellook’s search engine into your own benefits, making it possible for users to find and compare hotel room rates around the world. Join the hotel affiliate program today and earn on booking through the Travelpayouts travel affiliate program.
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Travel Trends of Today: The Current State of the Travel Affiliate Market
Ivan Baidin, 9 June 20179 comments

Travel affiliate market trends

Travelpayouts travel affiliate program and Alexandra Tachalova teamed up to analyze the current state of the travel affiliate market. The travel market is one of the fastest growing markets in the world, and numerous studies have been carried out by both independent individual researchers and larger institutions to back up this statement.

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