TBEX Killarney Travel Massive in Ireland: supported by Travelpayouts
Yulia Domracheva, 16 November 2017No comments

TBEX Killarney Travel Massive

We continue to tell you about profile events. On 4 October our friends from Travel Massive organized the TBEX Killarney Travel Massive meetup dedicated to the TBEX Killarney conference in Ireland.
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Skyscanner will no longer provide API and White Label access
Andrey Novoselov, 15 November 20174 comments

November started with news about the cancellation of Google QPX Express API. Then Skyscanner joined the cancellation marathon and announced the end of access to API and White Label through its own affiliate network. This forces partners to join CJ.com to continue their affiliation with Skyscanner.
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Alternatives for Google QPX Express API
Andrey Novoselov, 14 November 2017No comments

Alternatives for Google QPX Express API

At the beginning of November, Google announced changes in the policy of the QPX Express API. It will influence the small companies and webmaster that have used its airfare data. Alternatives will erase the effects of these changes and provide new opportunities.
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The Moscow Affiliate Conference Autumn Edition: how we attended
Andrey Safronov, 13 November 20171 comment

Moscow Affiliate Conference
We continue to talk about profile events that we attended. For example, on September 28, before our own summit, we attended the Moscow Affiliate Conference Autumn Edition.
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Smart travelers’ ideas for saving on travel
Andrey Novoselov, 8 November 2017No comments


The question of how to save money on travel is not only for travelers with low budgets but also for those who don’t want to spend money unnecessarily. There are several ways to organize a trip and save with Travelpayouts products.
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