Results of our first webinar
Alexey Yanchuk, 24 May 201720 comments


We conducted a webinar on May 23 and now are ready to share main points, slides, and a video.

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Keyword research in travel niche
Ramil, 17 May 20177 comments


Maintaining the ability to do proper keyword research is one of the most important skills you should have if you are seriously considering making money from the internet. Yes, it is 100% possible to get traffic and make money without using social networks, search engine traffic (organic) and paid traffic or by running PPC campaigns. However, even if you don’t count search engine traffic as a main traffic source, you still need to know what people are looking for in your niche.

When I say proper keyword research, I mean that you find terms which are getting a good number of monthly searches and beatable competition. In this post I will explain how to conduct keyword research step by step, how to find low-competition keywords and how to search for terms that will attract your target audience.

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We invite you to our first webinar
Alexey Yanchuk, 10 May 20174 comments


We are proud to invite you to join our first webinar on May 23!

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How to create a flight search form
Alexey Yanchuk, 3 May 20175 comments


At our partners’ request we have created a new search form template. With this template, you can create completely unique flight or hotel search forms for your website.

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New version of Travel SDK to be released soon
Alexey Yanchuk, 26 April 201718 comments


By the end of April the mobile development division plans to release new SDK for mobile search integration for flights and hotels into iOS applications. By the way, our SDK projects always occupy leading positions in terms of payout amounts.
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