Interview with Alexey Yanchuk from the Travelpayouts Team
Yulia Domracheva, 13 September 2017No comments

We continue to introduce you to our Travelpayouts team. Next on our list is Alexey Yanchuk, who manages our WordPress plugin development, participates in conferences, prepares landing pages and widgets for partners, and supervises the work of all our freelancers.

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Selecting the right hotel affiliate program to make a fortune
Andrey Novoselov, 6 September 20171 comment

By providing convenient tools for searching for hotels, you can earn on every booking. To do this, you must work with special partner networks. Several major players are on the market — Travelpayouts, Booking.com, Hotels.com, Hotelscombined, Agoda and TripAdvisor. By comparing each offer in terms of its conditions of cooperation, available tools and rate of conversions, it is possible to choose the best hotel affiliate program for each webmaster.
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Today’s Travel Affiliate Trends in a Nutshell
Alexandra Tachalova, 30 August 20172 comments


Not so long ago we conducted a comprehensive research study on the current state of travel affiliate marketing. We analyzed both the industry’s leading players and small- and medium-sized domains. This approach allowed us to get a panoramic view of the travel affiliate market, and we’d like to share our findings with you so that you can start accumulating profits as soon as possible. The main idea behind this research was to find out whether this niche offers any opportunities for generating revenue, and if it does, how arduous this process can be. We discovered that the travel affiliate market has an extremely favorable climate not only for established brands, but also for newcomers. Keep reading to find more interesting insights that will definitely help you better understand the competitive landscape of the travel affiliate market, and what kind of strategies will streamline your efficiency.
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The personal experience of developing a travel website from scratch: mistakes, thoughts and ideas
Yulia Domracheva, 23 August 20171 comment


We continue to publish translations (from Russian) of Victor Pashinsky’s cases. We are sure you will find a lot of useful things in this article and hope they help you avoid some mistakes at the start. For reference: Victor’s sites are targeted at the Russian-speaking audience.
Let’s here him.
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Interview with Nikita Gurovsky, Head of Affiliate Relations
Yulia Domracheva, 16 August 20173 comments

We continue our series of interviews with Travelpayouts employees. Today, our guest is Nikita Gurovsky. You have seen Nikita in our webinar, met him at conferences or in the blog. If you have long been in the affiliate program, you may probably remember how Nikita responded to your tickets.
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