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Our Travelpayouts team is growing!

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Our Travelpayouts team is growing!

We cleared the bar of 200,000 affiliates! Our team is also growing – three specialists recently joined us: Ruslan Bushin, Alena Surnina and Maria Kuznetsova. Learn more about new team members.

Ruslan Bushin


Ruslan is our designer. We will present products that he’s created soon. Ruslan works in our office in Thailand, and this is what his workplace looks like:


Fun fact: Ruslan has never been abroad before traveling to Thailand! But, he quickly got into the atmosphere and had already managed to get acquainted with the famous Thai phrase, “Solly mista.”

Ruslan is already working on the design of a new dashboard with our product designer, Marina Makoyeva, so the update of the personal account is even closer!

Alena Surnina


Alyona is a business development manager, along with Tanya Buyanova is developing the Travelpayouts partner network.

Alyona works in our office in Phuket with the best view – of Ivan Baidin, head of Travelpayouts:


Alena is now actively engaged in the development of the Kazakhstan market. You can also join a new market and get double commission!

Maria Kuznetsova


Maria is doing content in Russian and English. She was previously a freelance writer, and you’ve already read newsletters and articles that came from under her pen. Now, she is on the Travelpayouts team. So, look out for more interesting content!

Maria lives in Kazan (Russia) and works remotely. Her workplace is at home or in co-working spaces.

In addition to Maria and Andrey Novoselov, a team of freelance writers work on Travelpayouts content: Julie Tepe, Francesco Pusole, Natalia Tsvetkova, Vladimir Druganov, Stas Klimenko and others.

We will publish interviews with team members in the future, so feel free to write in the comments your questions to any of us.