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24 October 2016 92 comments


Finally, we are more than happy to introduce our new White Label, it’s available in your Travelpayouts account. In case you’ve never used our WL or don’t know how to set it up — take a look at our help article here.  If you already have a White Label, —  we strongly recommend to convert it to the new version.

What’s new in White Label?

We have launched the new version of White Label with adaptive layout, luggage display, multi-city search and other features. According to our tests, conversion has increased 7% against the previous version.

How to switch to the new version?

  1. Click Preview in settings to see the way your current White Label will look like in the new version.
  2. Change the settings and White Label code, if needed.
  3. After customization click Convert button to convert your current White Label. Change cannot be undone.

On November 1, we will automatically switch all White Label to the new version.

Try our new White Label!
You can leave all your wishes in comments below this post.

Alexey Yanchuk

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  • Mar

    We still have two big issues that drop off the conversion.
    1. The customer start in Spanish and is sent to an English page
    2. The customer quote in USD and is sent to a page in EUR.

    This is the big challenge you have to solve urgently to sell more.

    • George Riot

      I agree with number 3 but I think that this system is based around affiliate marketing for other flight and hotel services opposed to the airlines themselves though white labels should disguise to the actual source.. this system is ran almost like we are the fourth party marketer

    • Mar

      Well, Kayak and others are checking also airlines directly so I don’t understand why we can’t do the same.

    • George Riot

      Completely agree , if travel payout can break the scene it should start ahead of the pack and by doing something different in other aspects.

    • Hey Mar!
      Let me answer.
      1. Yes, it’s do possible. With what languages you faced with this issue? Not all suppliers support all languages 🙁
      2. The same
      3. We have direct agreements with airlines. But usually direct prices they provide is higher than the cheapest prices. We are thinking to add a direct link for an airline, if it’s integrated with us. But there are some things I want you to know about: airlines work worse with statistics and sometimes doesn’t support subid, so we can’t track our affiliates sales. Airlines usually pay less than OTAs or sometimes don’t pay at all.

      About a layouts. We know about that.
      Now there is http://prntscr.com/cz2jho to show the full info, but we also mentioned that it’s hard to understand that element and think about other ways to realize that. A link, as you described, is among the options.
      Meanwhile we were trying to make our “ticket” as much informative as possible, so people don’t need to check details.

    • Mar

      Hi Aleksey.
      1. We are checking Spanish language. Usually the system is sending to an English page when the supplier has a Spanish one also, so you must change the language to keep the integrity of the information. at this point we lose conversions).
      2. The same, we start in USD and we finish in EUR when the supplier has a dropdown to change currency.

      Many thanks

    • Thanks. We have thought how to improve language and are thinking about currencies.
      Do you remember with wich OTA you had such problem in your case?

    • Mar

      Expedia, Travelgenio, MyTryp, etc…
      Remember that there are 40 million people in Spain using Euros and speaking Spanish and more than 500 million in Latin America using USD and speaking also spanish. So you can’t send them to expedia.es in euros, you must send them to expedia.com in dollars.

    • Yes, you are absolutely right. It’s also weird for me as we never got a kick about that issue. I’m working with our integration team on with issue.

    • Mar

      Regarding to work directly with airlines. Just booked a SDQ-MXP 16-24 january. Kayak USD 452 with Delta, Skyscanner 452 with Delta, Travelpayout USD1052 with Expedia……………….

    • We do have issues with Delta. Unfortunately. Just when we talk about this airline.

    • As a solution, we are discussing now – to add Spanish (America) and it would have the differences you described about. Redirect to final prices in USD.

    • Dear Mar. Can you please provide more detailed info than you wasn’t redirected to ES version of OTAs. I just checked, everywhere it has Spanish (there they have it), but yes, it has to be in your case Spanish (USA), instead of Spanish (Spain) we have now 🙁

  • George Riot

    Mobile indications under deals do not show the airport names in categories like New York which has 3 major airports instead the user has to click the deal itself to see where the airport is for the deal . if my user is searching for JFK airport in New York he/ she should not get La guardia or another ny based airport on the list unless they chose that .. which I don’t believe they can choose anymore in filter options ? Also New Jersey airport Newark is a very very popular airport and its listed under New York ! This has bothered my prior users and still has not been changed upon request.. this is crucial there is no reason A New Jersey airport should be listed in New York ! I waited months in hopes this would change where I’ve lost 100-200 clients due to this complication alone.

    • Hi George,
      so are you talking just about mobile version? currently we are using an old separate one, now we are polishing a tablet version and will finish mobile (to provide a full responsive) within 1-2 weeks.

      Take a look at this search http://fresh.travelpayouts.com/flights/NYC0211LON1 on Desktop. Is everything fine here? It has an airport filter in case you make a search for NYC, not for JFK, e.g. I mentioned a problem with autocomplete http://prntscr.com/cz292i and we’ll fix that soon

      Please clarify. Yes, NYC has now 3 airports and you also say the same: JFK, EWR, LGA. Later you say that Newark has to be listed as a New Jersey airport. So what’s has to be? Just want to understand. When I personally was looking for a flight tickets from NYC, I realized that Newark is in New Jersey state, but a lot of airlines shows that’s like a NYC airport. Or do we need just to fix Newark’s state, now it’s NY, but has to be NJ. Is that right?

    • George Riot

      correct Newark is located in New jersey state and maybe this might only be an issue with the search forum and not the white label so much but when i am starting from the search form widget , i put the words Newark trying to find a flight to or from newark which is located in new jersey but the search auto fills the name to new york city instead ,which is a far distance from the surrounding aiports. And that directs to the white label that comes up with all new york airports. im reffering to mobile at the moment because we are also integrating the sdk file in to our app this coming month. but also the desktop version of the search form will not Display Newark airport. In my opinion newark airport should be listed under both keyword searches New jersey and new york or just New jersey the state the airport is actually located in.

      but take this in to consideration

      the search form widget does not display newark airport
      when you put the words newark in it renders it to new york and when you click search it directs you to a mobile white label that only shows new york aiports like la guardia and the mobile search filter does not have the option to choose airport. so adding newark aiport to its actual location state of new jersey might really help mobile users find this airport.

      Thanks for your response and keep up the good work.

      Im hoping for a hotel search sdk in the future coming please?

    • Thanks for your thought. I see your point and it’s reasonable. Will think how to realize that with minimum efforts.
      It could be confusing than you enter Newark and see NYC and you see just IATA code that would be totally confusing for most people http://prntscr.com/cz6feo
      Meanwhile in case you start such search, results would be pre-filtered with flights from ERW http://fresh.travelpayouts.com/flights/EWR0211LAX1 . http://prntscr.com/cz6gg8
      But yes, of course, there is a room for improvment

      As for hotel search SDK. We do have plans, perhaps next year but without specific months I’m afraid.

  • x x

    Love your top header with your logo. Can you help me with mine please?

  • Town & Tourist

    I am trying to set up the white label for US website; however, the front page is showing all Russian. Please advise.


    • x x

      I emailed about this and was told the widget couldn’t translate and to use another widget to show on the White Label.

    • To what language? Indeed, now only Enlgihs/Russian/Thai available but more are coming little later.

    • x x

      When I switch to English, some of the text are still in Russian. Some of them, I was able to edit but the button text on the special offers widget and the email subscription widget can not be edited to English.

    • Yes, subscription widget is only Russion one.

    • Go to setting to change the title http://prntscr.com/czt90n

    • Town & Tourist

      Ok, I changed the titles, but is there a way to make these top US destinations instead of Russia? My website is a USA travel site.

    • Change IATA codes http://prntscr.com/czx689

  • x x

    Hey Michael! I like your header. Can you help me with mine please?

  • x x

    Can anyone help me on how to set up the white label on godaddy please

  • George Riot

    Please elaborate on this.. wouldn’t this manually change ? I have to go change the change

    • It used to be whitelabel.travelpayouts.com.

      No-one told me to change, I just noticed the White Label wasn’t working properly then saw the new CNAME in the White Label section in the affiliate back-end, so changed it in my DNS and after a while everything looked how it should.


  • Deven Modha

    New design of whitelabel is really impressive and flight search layout is also very good. However, i can see hotel search is still with old white label layout which does not sync with overall website layout so i believe this needs to be fixed earliest.

  • EasyFastBooking.com

    I noticed few problems with white label when accessed from mobile device.
    1. It shows only flight search, no hotel search. When I click on desktop version, only then will the multi flight and hotel search show.
    2. Choosing your dates is very difficult. Say I click on December 6. It will say December 5 or 7 instead of the date I chose. It’s a struggle.
    3. Other widgets such as special offers or popular routes don’t show. I’m pretty sure it’s because mobile version is suppose to be simple so this isn’t a big problem.
    I think the first two problems however would confuse the customers and drive them away.

    • 1. We’ll finish mobile responsive version this week and it would have multi-search and hotels tab. But no hotel mobile version.
      2. We’d be thankful in case you send all description (maybe with screenshots or screencasts) to our support. You can make GIF using free tool called “gyazo”. Please also mention your browser and OS versions.

  • EasyFastBooking.com

    I have a quick question on editing. How can I add a background behind the search instead of a color?

    • We don’t think it’s a good idea in terms of UX. But you can try by tricking CSS.

  • Mar

    Anyone has problems with touch devices like Iphone or Ipad and the search when you try to insert dates? I tryied in more than 5 sites (including mine) and the form is not working properly.

    Could you try and comment?

    Many thanks.

    • Hi Mar!
      As for iPhone we are finishing responsive layout soon (within a week or two), now it’s a separate project.
      Issues are possible. In case you find something – we do ask you to contact our support via form https://support.travelpayouts.com/hc/en-us/requests/new . It’s the best way to report as we gather it from all affiliates and check what’s wrong.

      I do remember about issue with language and currency. Hope to fix language soon.

    • George Riot

      i have had this same issue with mobile devices and im tracking my users using hot jar for video traffic and user usage ,about 15 users have stopped searching after they could not get the date right which is a bummer because it could of been a bunch of nice bookings for commission. I am glad this is being fixed,keep up the great work.

    • @georgeriot @mar
      Please send us such details about mobile devices you use.
      Version of OS (iOS or Android, with the current version)
      Device model
      Browser (Safari, Chrome, ect)
      We do wish to investigate it and fix but can’t reproduce it locally. In case you can record some video/screencast (there are apps for Android and iOS can be recorded by Quicktime).

    • George Riot

      As for myself it’s safari on iOS 10 as for my users it varies , safari on iOS and android is most likely 7.1 nougat .. the issue is choosing the date and advancement .. if I choose depart date I have to double click or thriple click tonadvance out of the screen and if I choose the depart and arrive dates on the same column it just fluncuates the dates all over the place, almost nearly impossible to choose dates. I will try to get a video for you guys

    • Can you try this link http://combined-wl.beta.travelpayouts.com/flights/CDG1912MOW1?ab=b&locale=en is it the same?
      a video would be perfect

    • George Riot

      Much better but also please take in to consideration the issue pertains to the search forum as well , if they search form could operate the same way as the link you send me would be awesome

    • Yeah, so please wait a 1-1.5 week. We hope to finish and roll out a beta (link I sent to you) to every our white label

    • George Riot

      And this applies too the search form widget as well ? And thank for your time in helping

    • Hm, actually our search form widget is used in new white label. Do you have any issues with it?

    • George Riot

      Actually the search form search form dates on flights is More difficult than anything especially for mobile .. I figured the two are one of the same code but yea deffinitley for iOS browser , android and some
      Desktop the choosing dates has been difficult for users on the search form

    • Can you describe that’s not comfortable here http://prntscr.com/d4y7qx in your opinion?

    • George Riot
    • Why to you use such narrow container with a form? as it’s responsive you can make in wider.
      Hotjar isn’t the best way is it can’t record everything. I’m just checking your site on my Nexus 5X and it look ok. Not great, as we do have plans to better optimize it for mobile devices later.

      The only thing, is the first time a visitor start to interact with a datapicker, he has to choose both dates to see the change in departure date input.

    • George Riot

      i used hot jar just to show you in a video format but it operates similar for other users to. The width of the form does not change the date input because i changed the width for ten minutes and rendered the site and tried again with same input response before i changed the form back..the Sub domain for white label seems to work better though ,just the search form needs work. Thanks for reply

    • George Riot

      Hello, i am still having difficulty with our users not being able to identify Newark airport as a New jersey airport.. Tracking our video analytics still produces the same outcome and bounce rate for our users which they are fail to complete a search because they get confused with the state of new york and new jersey. This is becoming a crucial factor for my users whom fly frequently out of New jersey and the new york name associated with a new jersey air port seems to continuously negate users from continuing a search. Is this something that can be considered anytime soon? This will be a huge difference i my client status if this can be rendered asap.


    • Hi George. We remember about your case. Unfortunately it’s impossible to fix that without much pain. But we are lucky that the responsible team has a plans within a month (as I was told) to perform a huge update of the system, and this case with Newark is already planned to be solved there. So we both have to wait. I’m sorry for that.

  • x x

    How can I manually code the white label? I’m trying to code but the sections are separated. I need them to be together.

    • You can add your additional styles via White Label’s settings http://prntscr.com/d2k4a7. Till the end of month we have plans to present a brand new version of WL generator

    • x x

      I’m trying to add a code for a background behind the search. If I add the coding to both the header section and the color scheme. Would the coding come together at the end or still be separated? Do you have another hack on how to add background behind search?

  • Marco Carra

    hello I’m Marco from http://www.salento.it

    I put the new searchbox in home page, but

    Why the new white label is NOT RESPONSIVE?

    • When we a talking about Hotels one – it’s still based on the old engine, we’ll update it in 2017

    • Marco Carra

      when is possible to have a white label RESPONSIVE?
      can we talk about that ?
      Please contact me as soon as possible, it’s very URGENT !!!

    • Sorry Marco, we can’t deliver in now

  • Kraig Grayson

    I just love the White Label option. However, why is it that even though I choose English as the language for the site, I am still seeing Russian in certain areas, like the email subscription box, special fares area, and the submit buttons?

    • We are fixing that. Now Subscription widget is only in Russian but what we do next:
      create a new comfortable White Label generator, add new languages to subscription widget. If you need any assistance please contact our Support


      hello aleksey, regarding subscription widget.. is it now available in english? or is still in russian only? kindly advise. thank you!

    • It’s still only in Russian. We have plans to develop a new version with other languages support in nearest few months

  • Kraig Grayson

    Ok, so I did the CNAME addition to the DNS. Now that it has resolved to my domain, I am getting a blue page with this message: “Internal Server Error. Something went wrong. Our team already alerted and will fix this as soon as possible.” What could the problem be?

  • Mar

    There is an important thing you need to fix about currencies. In Latin America, 90% of currencies (dominican peso, chilean peso, argentina peso, colombian peso, mexican peso) have the sign $ as symbol. So in many cases, the customer from Latin America write us asking if the price is pesos or US dollars. If you look at Booking.com, Rentalcars, Cartrawler, they are using the format US$ or USD (then COP, AR$, DOP, etc) to show prices, and in our experience it returns better conversion and less customer service work.

    Kindest regards.

  • Mar

    Hi Aleksey,
    Actually all our white label booking engine are not working in the mobile version. When you do a search, you can see the list of flight, but then you can’t choose any of those. Try tapping any flight, and you see nothing happen.

    Could you try for us? Tryied from iPhone and iPad:


    Many thanks!

    • Did you try to turn off redirect to mobile version to see a responsive layout? http://prntscr.com/da9m4z There still thing to improve there and we plan to make it more mobile friendly. Also some issues with translation is already solved, but we are testing them to deploy to production

  • Hi All!
    just want to thank you all for your comments. They are all have been read and recorder. In case you have more things to say about our White Label – please wright them down here or to our support. Also in case you see some problems with localization/translation – don’t hesitate to contact me or our support using the form e.g. https://support.travelpayouts.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


    hello, regarding the subscription widget.. is it now available in english? or is still in russian only? kindly advise. thank you!

  • Hotel search still no mobile version my site is cari.hotel-promo.id

  • Hello friend, thanks for sharing, I have a problem in the mobile version in the area of the calendar Flight, when I select a specific date field for example, I select in number 2 it jumps to the next number that is 3, it would be great that it solved this errors, Thanks

    • Hi! please send us more details. What phone and how to reproduce that thing you are describing https://support.travelpayouts.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

    • Hello Friend and Partners, the problem I am having, is when I select any date for the mobile version of the web site, example, the error is presented in the following way, when I select the date of departure 4 July does not doit, What it does is choose the next date that is July 5, and that happens in the calendar, on all dates, only for mobile versions for websites, with all smartphones, I hope it can be solved would be perfect, thanks for Help and your time

    • Please send all details to our support team: URL, device. Thank you

  • Hpx Holidays

    any planning to support Nepalese(NPR) currencies to list, sir?

    • I added it to a list of currencies we’ll add next time

    • Hpx Holidays

      Thanks and waiting.

  • Sheraz Ahmed

    Any plan to add Arabic language and Omani Riyal (OMR) currency?

  • Error occured when use hotel search (but not when preview at my account):
    Undefined index: us
    Try to find it from the beginning”.

  • Roy Paul

    Hello, when will release the new mobile-friendly hotel booking whitelabel ?

    • The whole teams is developing it now. We plan to roll out it in July

    • Roy Paul

      Fine, Hope there should be currency changing option in mobile portrait mode

  • Tayyab Rasheed


    Whitelabel is working fine but when i am placing iframe code into site into not mobile responsive any more.

    Check this


    But when i am placing this as a sub domain to meetchain.com you will see its not mobile responsive any more.