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13 July 2017 9 comments


Our mobile development department has finally released a new SDK for integration of mobile flights and hotel search into iOS apps. We have already announced about the new features in the release. Now let’s talk about what we haven’t disclosed yet.

VP Mobile Products about the new SDK

In May, we held a webinar for our affiliates. VP Mobile Products Ivan Kozlov disclosed how the SDK helps our top partners to earn and shared several techniques on how to get installs on the new app.

What’s new in Travel SDK

  • Transformation in Travel SDK – hotel search added;
  • Updated design of the template app;
  • Preset color schemes for the template app – you can easily select an option that suits the developer;
  • The About section (where you can enter contact information for feedback and put a link to App Store to rate the app);
  • New language localizations (so far without Arabic);
  • Fabric.io, which was previously only available on Android. It allows you to collect basic statistics, as well as gather and analyze crashes;
  • If necessary, you can turn off flight and hotel search, or use both in one application.


Now you can create apps for one city or accommodation type (apartments, hostels). It is easy to put city in a search form and disable the ability to change it in the UI. Accommodation type will be displayed if the necessary filters are automatically used.

In terms of ASO, all that is needed is to take into account hotel search keywords at release. Any hostel or hotel search app should be promoted by keywords. Example of an app is Apartments — Сheap holiday accommodation.

For more about mobile app promotion, read an interview with our ASO manager Ilya Kukharev.

SDK in pictures

How to update the app to SDK 2.0

You can transfer your color schemes from existing projects, by copying code lines with keywords and color schemes to the corresponding lines of the updated template.

Download template project

Try the new version of the mobile SDK and start earning on mobile apps.

About the Android SDK

For now, SDK was updated only for iOS. The Android version will appear in the second half of the year, and we will definitely inform you.

Yulia Domracheva

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  • Gopesh Kalia

    Thats excellent!!

  • sumit pradhan

    Hi i can see your sdk is not supporting Ipad UI can you tell me when this will be included in the adk .as we try to make app and we find this issue ..hope it will be solved soon

    Sumit pradhan

  • harry2016

    Every time you promise to release the android one and you fail to do it. and always extend the time.
    I am about to quit this affiliate.

    • Hi Harry!
      Please show us a place there we promised to deliver Hotel Android SDK now, can you?
      We said in every place that a hotel Android one will be release at the end of 2017 without any strict date.

      You are free to develop your Android APP using our API, send as a request that meets our requirements.
      Or you are free use any other meta-search mobile SDK. Oh, wait… There is only our one.

  • harry2016

    Stop being rude,
    i read that a few month ago, may be I misunderstood the topic, but you need to be more polite.
    I did not say hotel Android, see the comment below.
    I meant the Android one for the Flights .I read it a few last month and it was written by June 2017. I tried to check that comment and I could not find it.

  • sumit pradhan

    this will not work any more as apple is creating copycat issue and we try to publish the app and they rejecte 3 times

    Design: Copycats
    Design: Spam

    Your app duplicates the content and functionality of apps submitted to the App Store, which is considered a form of spam.

    Apps that simply duplicate content or functionality create clutter, diminish the overall experience for the end user, and reduce the ability of developers to market their apps.

    and many rson as we cant use the same sdk and design as they disable the app and not publish it ..

    do you have the solution ….??

    alos recently google also suspended out app using your andriod sdk


    Read through the Webviews and Affiliate Spam article for more details and examples of policy violations.
    Make sure your app is compliant with the Spam policy and all other policies listed in the Developer Program Policies. Remember that additional enforcement could occur if there are further policy issues with your apps.
    So now no use of your sdks i thing ..

  • Please read my comment below and take a look at this http://mailchi.mp/travelpayouts/about-removal-of-android-sdk-apps

    About Xcode. It shouldn’t be a problem for compiling. But as it BETA, something could be. I checked 8.3.3 and it was fine. For help please request via our support.