New Hotel White Label

26 July 2017 13 comments


Finally, we are more than happy to introduce our new Hotel White Label, it’s available in your Travelpayouts account. In case you’ve never used our WL or don’t know how to set it up — take a look at our help article here.  

What’s new in White Label?

  1. Adaptive layout.
  2. 63 currencies and 40 languages that you waited for.
  3. A new map with hotels.


  4. A new page of the hotel.


  5. Almost instant search, reactive filters, fast page load and one hundred other changes.

Try our new White Label! Look how White Label is looking like now.

You can leave all your wishes in comments below this post.

Yulia Domracheva

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  • Thanks Paul!

  • Hemant Pokharel(HPX)

    Dear Aleskey,

    Earlier today KTM-DEL sector was showing Nepal Airlines but all of sudden its not working for these sectors KTM-DEL, KTM-BKK, KTM-HKG, KTM-DOH, KTM-DXB sector by Nepal Airlines. Its not working. This airlines has very cheap rate for these sector.It would be great if you solve these issue.

    Thank you.

    • Thank you, our business development team is acknowledged about Nepal Airlines.

  • Rober Moll

    good job,
    But it would be very interesting to implement hotel search by current location and show hotels in other cities on scrolling the map

  • Mike

    Is it not compatibel with Firefox anymore? Or down to which version?

    • It should be . In case with any problems – please contact support

  • Casper Ledel Birch

    make it possible so all of the website will be translated into the selected language!

  • Javier Ramirez

    Hello! I like this new functionality because it completes the flight search engine very well. Now that the two parties are operational, are there any plans to make a flight + hotel search engine? Is a feature that is increasingly in demand on all search engines.

    • No, it’s very local business and there is no any solution that can cover all regions. As there will be a way to do that – no problem.

  • موقع احجزلي


    Good Job but unfortunately Arabic Language not available yet