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Meet our team: Andrey Mosin, IT developer

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Our IT developer Andrey Mosin has a responsible and even philosophical approach to programming. In this interview, Andrey told us about his dream of becoming a rockstar, methods against melancholy and ways to improve other people’s lives with programming.

Before Travelpayouts  

  • When I was a kid, I wanted to write a book and even tried to create one fantastic story. Later, as a teenager, I wanted to become a rock musician. We had a rock group with my friends. I played the guitar, sang and wrote the lyrics. The group was called “Expedition.” Back then, I was inspired by the Russian classic rock music.
  • As a student, I was selling books. These were cold sales. You take a bag with books, go to certain places and try to make those women in the accounting department buy them. I remember using different funny sales techniques including clapping my hands to gear up in the morning, imposing sales, getting into the building undercover and so on.
  • I studied in the city of Orel and graduated from university with a degree in programme engineering. Plus, I have a degree in crisis management.

My role at Travelpayouts

  • One day I saw a job offer in “the best office in the world” on some blog and sent my CV. I was interviewed by the technical director Boris Kaplunovskiy, and at the end of the interview he said that there was only one question left, when I could start working? At that moment, I did not fully understand that their office was in Phuket and did not even think that I would go there. Now it is my sixth year with the company.
  • My job is to provide automation for different business processes. Roughly speaking, we help people earn money in the travel market via the internet.

Work process

  • Most Travelpayouts projects are very different in terms of both technology and content. I even feel like I’ve worked for several different companies.
  • Before, we only had JetRadar and Hotellook affiliate programs, but with time, our network attracted more advertisers. That is a completely different level of the product. I was developing the project for the advertisers-affiliates cooperation from scratch. That is why I think it is my favorite one. I have been keeping an eye on this project for five years and still try to move it forward.
  • Widgets for affiliates, White Label, dashboard and statistics are just a few things we’ve created over the last six years. There was a time when each developer was doing basically everything from frontend and backend to design and planning. Now, we’ve split into frontend and backend to make the user dashboard development more efficient. I mainly work on the backend team.
  • I mostly use programming languages such as Ruby, Python and GoLang.
  • The bug fixing process depends on when we find a bug. If it happens shortly after the development has finished, it’s the task of the corresponding developer. However, if much time has passed, fixing the bug can become a responsibility for any team member. 
  • I feel inspired when I can help my colleagues from other departments by creating an algorithm or a tool. In the end, programming aims to simplify and improve people’s lives.

Work environment

  • When I joined the company, one of the first colleagues I saw was Anton Cherepennikov. He was sitting on the window sill, looking very serious. I thought he was a big boss there. In some sense, I was right about it.
  • On my first working day, someone set a task to bring a table. Alexey Shaihaleev responded “in progress” and brought me a table. I really liked that guys were ironic towards the work process.
  • I am a team player but my “loner mode” still turns on from time to time. It is easier and nicer to do everything with a team, as you have someone to share your thoughts with. Discussing work with a random person or even a friend is not always easy, they are unlikely to understand. On the contrary, sharing your success with the team doubles the pleasure.
  • I would say that our team is very close to being a dream team.
  • Professionally, I have always felt inspired by Konstantin Kalinov and his company. I also get impressed by the Oleg Yakubenkov`s professional path.

About motivation

  • I can share my ways of fighting melancholy. First, it’s very important to have enough sleep if your work involves intellectual thinking. I am a very active person and I often work at the expense of sleep. Second, do what you want. This does not mean letting your mood take over and doing whatever comes to mind. But, if you don’t like something, try to understand the situation and change something about it. Third, listen to yourself. With all the professional competition and pressure, it is easy to start doubting yourself. In such moments, it is essential to trust yourself and take a stand. It has a great impact on your spirit.

Things I’d like to improve

  • I would like to improve our analytics and statistics. We have more and more data, and its efficient use might bring us additional benefit.
  • I would also want to incentivize positive feedback within the team to support each other and praise for victories. As a matter of fact, every team has something to work on. For example, to talk more openly about pros and cons. Easy to say, I know. Anyway, the more people talk, the more productive and satisfying teamwork becomes.
  • I have recently boosted my analytics and communication skills. Effective communication helps to achieve great results, while figures allow you to see the real outcome. I studied with the help of a product analytics simulator and even took part in a contest where I had to play the role of an analyst in a big company. I did not win but my rating was pretty high. As for communication, I’ve been learning it in real life and took a few courses, including the one on the psychology of consciousness. 

Side projects

  • Programming for me is a piece of my professional puzzle. I’m interested in the whole internet products area. It is great that someone can share their vision with lots of people by creating a product with their own hands. For one, I’ve been developing an online-service for psychotherapy sessions. It already works and helps people. It also has an affiliate program in the best tradition of Travelpayouts.

Let’s get personal

  • If aliens come one day and ask where to go on vacation to get a better understanding of the human race, I will advise Bali where time periods are mixed up. For example, in the two-minute walk from the ocean, there is a coworking space where a dozen IT developers from small startups as well as such giants like Airbnb deploy code for a million users. While outside, there’s a Bali ceremony to placate the ghost of the Agung volcano at the same time.
  • I got an American visa on the fifth attempt and plan to finally go to the USA to fulfill my long-time travel dream.
  • A key moment in my life was the birth of my daughter on March 8, 2018.
  • Among my recently read books I can highlight non-fiction “Re-work” by David Hansson, a businessman and creator of the Ruby on Rails framework, and a book about Jesus Christ called “Son of Man.”
  • At a corporate party, I would play the Grazhdanskaya Oborona`s “Everything’s up to plan” track.

Further plans

  • In ten years, I see myself happy, caring and full of energy.