How to make money from a travel blog


Making money from travel blogging isn’t just a dream, it can be a fundamental source of income. In this article you will learn how to make money from a travel website; you will also better understand different methods of monetization, including the Travelpayouts affiliate program.

How much can you earn from a travel blog?

There is no exact method of calculating in advance how much money you will earn from your website. Some people think they will earn a lot if they have many visitors. However, it doesn’t work this way; your income depends not only on the amount of traffic you get but also on its quality and your chosen method of monetization.

You can assume your earnings will be between $3 and $15 for each 1,000 visitors. There is a big difference in income because of the selected features in this business. Language and the sector will also affect your profits. In addition, Turkey, Brazil, India and other non-English-language markets have local circumstances which also influence a webmaster’s total revenue.

The seasons can also affect your profits. Usually, summer is the high season and you can earn more than at other times. With deep knowledge of an area of your project and a deep understanding of the audience, you can increase your income.

Travel bloggers can use several methods to monetize their projects. CPA (Cost-Per-Action) and CPC (Cost-Per-Click) methods are the most common ways to earn. Some of these options are presented in the video:

The important point is what to choose and how to use it. For example, you can earn more with the CPA method than with the CPC method if you have good-quality traffic or well-prepared content. To learn how to choose the right topics and create profitable content, check out this page.

Who can make money travel blogging?

Even if you have just started a travel blog, you can start earning from your website. You need patience, self-control and the mindset of an entrepreneur, not an employee.

To gain money from own webpage, you must attract an audience, join the appropriate partners, and perhaps create a product or provide a service. Meeting the reader’s needs and putting your project over the top must be your priority, not the money.

Affiliate marketing and CPA networks

The CPA model means you will earn when a visitor makes a purchase by clicking the affiliate link on your webpage, for example, buying a flight ticket, booking a hotel room, buying a backpack for travel and so on. In the affiliate market, these are called leads and webmasters get paid for generating them. To start, you must join an affiliate network. Several key players are on the market:

  • Travelpayouts;
  • Expedia;
  • Skyscanner;
  • And anothers.

Otherwise, you can work with general platforms, such as CJ and Awin. These platforms offer more than travel services, so you can use your imagination to choose which products you will offer your visitors.

Travel affiliate programs

Travelpayouts focuses on flight tickets and hotel bookings. Its key products are for flight searches and for hotels. Partners get access to a complete set of tools: search forms, widgets, plugins and others; you can learn more through this link.

Thanks to Travelpayouts, you can give your visitors the opportunity to compare hotel room prices or find the best flight tickets. As a commission, you will get 1.6% of the total revenue for flight tickets and 4.92% of the hotel bookings you sold. For example:

Selling Your income
$850 – return tickets $14
$1470 – accommodation $70

The minimum payout is $50. The affiliate network doesn’t have any minimum requirements for new users; you can join right now on the official sign-up page. and Agoda are the other options you can choose for flight tickets and hotels. You can also sell other touristic services on your pages, such as cruises, car rentals, travel insurance and so on. The video below offers more detailed information about travel affiliate programs, or you can learn it in this article:

CPA networks

You can work with CPA networks, such as CJ or Awin, to sell different products for travelling. For example, you can join e-shops to sell clothes, power plugs, maps and so on. At this point, you should consider which products your visitors can use.

If your project is oriented toward a local market, research local players, even small ones. You may find unique opportunities for different destinations, for example, working with an exchange office and taking a commission for each traveler you attracted.

Contextual advertising — Google AdSense

Contextual ads can be displayed related to the content of your webpage or to visitors’ interests. These advertisements can boost your earnings.

The main player in the international market is Google AdSense. If your project works with a local market in a language other than English, you can check local players such as Yandex in Russia, sClick in Czech Republic, etc.

Conditions of Google Adsense:

  • At least 50 visitors to be accepted;
  • Average gain between 15 and 80 cents for each click outs;
  • Payment is once per month;
  • Minimum payout is around $100, it depends on the currency of your project.

The quality of your traffic and competition between advertisers in the area affect the click outs. Average earnings in Google AdSense per 1,000 page views from the USA is $3.38, while the average click out is $0.33.

USA Adsense

Average gains in Google Adsense per thousand page views in Europe (Czech Republic) are $0.82, while the average click out is $0.16.

AdSense Czech Republic

Custom ads

Another way of getting advertisers is to work on your own without an intermediary. If you have high traffic or a well-known travel blog, you can attract custom advertisers. They deal directly with you, and you earn directly from the adverts without losing commission to a middleman.

There are two ways to search for advertisers: passive and active. In the passive way, you will create a contact page on your website and wait until advertisers contact you. In the active way, you will find advertisers by sending them offers.

If you create a media kit and an email with your domain and then send offers to companies, you can be more productive.

While sending the offers, you should individualize them for each company. It’s important to describe your website’s visitors and explain to the advertiser that your audience is right for their business. In addition, traffic statistics and your audience profile, including ages and locations, can clarify your offer to advertisers.

Alternatively, you can simply add a link Google Analytics or the service that you use for collecting data.

How much you can earn from these ads depends on many factors. However, the amount must be at least twice more than the ads on contextual advertising. You can sell not only banners but also sponsored posts. Advertisers buy them to promote their products or simply as one part of their search engine optimization strategy.

Selling your own products

You can use your travel website to sell your own products, like guidelines, travel consultancy services or insurance. This will help you move from blogging to business.

To be successful in this area, you should carefully consider what problems your visitors experience and what you can offer as solutions. You can work with any types of products. Electronic products, like eBooks, are the easiest to sell but don’t limit your ideas to just this area.

Other ways to make a profit

You can get not only money but also services, like free tickets or tours to promote in your blog. Therefore, while your income isn’t in the form of money, you get a profit.

You can also ask for tips for your work. You likely won’t earn much profit, but it could be an interesting experiment. Maybe you have a very loyal audience that will be happy to support your work.

If you travel a lot and have a professional camera, you can take photos; then you can use them for your blog or sell them to stock photo companies. In this case, your photos must be high resolution and of professional quality. The most famous stock photo company is Shutterstock, but it has strict requirements to be published. If you are a beginner, start with Depositphotos or another marketplace with less-stringent requirements and less competition.

Travel blogging has limitless ideas for earning money; share your own ideas with us in the comments.

Monetize your travel webpage

To earn income from your blog, you must first know how to attract the visitor and solve his or her problems. Use different methods of monetizing to find the ones that work best for your website. Moreover, don’t let success carry you away. Always update your blog; try different ideas for developing your project and earning more money.

For more inspiration, read about how to launch an online guide. It should give you an entrepreneurial spirit, which is necessary to move from blogging to business.

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