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The best keyword ranking checkers in 2021

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When implementing an SEO strategy, it’s important to ensure its effectiveness, and you can do that by using SEO rank tools. These tools evaluate keywords on different levels and help your articles appear within the first few pages of Google search results.

Why use a keyword ranking checker

Keyword ranking software delivers undeniable benefits since 93% of all online activities start with a search engine, and the right keywords increase your web traffic. 

Tracking keywords allows you to identify the latest search trends in order to meet your target market requirements, whether you want to use them for a new article or update some of your old materials. The keyword rank monitoring will provide you with vocabulary that features fast-growing popularity and low competitiveness.

If you want to manually check the website ranking in the SERPs, use VPN, private mode, and URL lang parameters to make your research more credible, as search engines personalize results according to your history of queries, location and other factors.

Best free keyword ranking checkers

The following compilation of search engine ranking tools encompasses the best software in the niche to help you check keyword ranking and deliver the objective picture of your marketing performance.

Keyword Rank Checker 

This tool allows checking a website ranking in Google SERP and its main keywords. You’ll receive a comprehensive analysis including such details as website URL, ranking, volume by keyword, language, CPC (cost per click) and the level of competition within Google AdWords, as in the example below:

This software is useful for evaluating your rivals’ resources as well. By checking their domain, you can easily determine which countries direct traffic to their websites and use this knowledge to improve your blog’s ranking. The same platform offers a backlink checker which is also useful for blog promotion. You can start exploring your website ranking for free, and then buy a subscription. The price depends on the number of websites you need to monitor. Thus, for one site, you can purchase one of the three monthly plans: Startup for $8, Growing for $35 and Business for $97. 


SERPs is a huge platform with an ambition to become the leader in SEO optimization of websites worldwide. It tracks information for more than two million keywords and monitors 20,000 resources on a daily basis, catering to customers in almost 100 countries. 

To start off, enter a keyword, domain name, search engine (Google or Yahoo), country and language, type of device (desktop or mobile) and the exact search location (optional). To see the results, you’ll need to sign up for a 30-day free trial or purchase a subscription (from $49/month).  

With SERPs, one can create semantic cores, initiate comparisons with competition, monitor rankings and provide fast access to several accounts toggling between them without building numerous tab changes.


Fatrank is a user-friendly Chrome browser extension. It draws on the keywords you point out that don’t allow digging out profitable keywords from scratch. It uses Google local search settings by default, but you can always configure the extension. After downloading Fatrank, open a website you want to analyze, click on the extension icon, enter the keyword and see the website ranking in Google. 

According to multiple reviews left on the extension page, it provides accurate results and performs quick searches.

Another advantage that is not typical for all search engine ranking tools is that FatRank allows you to monitor up to 40 keywords in a row. The only drawback is that you mustn’t click outside of the FatRank box while working, otherwise, the results will be lost. 


GeoRanker allows you to see rank results as they are displayed for local customers. It provides real-time results, fast search (the process takes under one minute) and integration, covers all search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube) and locations worldwide, and delivers accurate results for various pieces of content (text, images and videos). The information is exported as a White Label PDF. 

With a free account, you’ll be able to see the top 30 results. There are also paid plans for professionals, agencies and enterprises. 

Search Engine Reports 

Search Engine Reports include several free tools (it’s also a plagiarism checker). It is based on JQuery, AJAX and Amazon EC2 Web Cloud and digs out results from the search engine APIs. Keyword Rank Checker by Search Engine Reports is easy to work with. Type in the domain, search engine and up to 10 keywords. You’ll see keyword position, ranked URLs, top ten URLs and you’ll be able to download the report.

Apart from the rank checker, Search Engine Reports offers multiple tools for text analysis, image editing, keyword planning and more.


SureOak is another giant of SEO optimization. You can see your website ranking in one click. Just type in the domain name and proceed to check. Apart from rank checking, SureOak offers link building, strategy consulting, SEO auditing, content optimization, competitor analysis and more options.

Best paid ranking checkers

Many Google keywords ranking tools charge fees but, in return, they usually offer advanced features and capture all sides of SEO optimization. To cater to everyone, such tools offer diverse plans for every taste.



RankTank is a platform combining many SEO instruments, including a keyword position tool. It is free to use, and it displays not only key ranks, but also the corresponding URLs. It also helps to analyze your rivals inside of a Google spreadsheet.

It is really easy to start off. Just type in the domain name, keywords and proceed. RankTank has been free of charge for a long time, but recently it has implemented paid subscriptions. You can sign up for $10/month for the Basic plan or $149/month for Pro plan.


SEMrush is considered to be the best search engine ranking tool. To check a ranking, you’ll need to sign up and choose the tool you want to use. Then, for position tracking, enter the website domain, search engine (Google/Baidu), device (desktop/mobile/tablet), and location. You can also connect your Google Analytics account. Here is what a search with a free trial looks like: 

To start off, consider using a seven-day free trial. Then, you can switch to a Pro plan for $99.95, a Guru plan for $199.95, as well as a Business plan for $399.95 on a monthly base. The Enterprise plan cost is discussed individually. You can get a discount if paying annually. 


Rank Tracker by Ahrefs is oriented towards improving the backlink strategy. You’ll be able to check your website ranking over time and compare it to competitors in the same niche across 170 countries. To start work, insert keywords, choose countries and enter URLs of resources you want to monitor. The program will proceed to tracking and you’ll be receiving regular reports.

You can start with a seven-day trial for just $7 and proceed to one of the subscriptions: Lite is for $99/month, Standard is for $179/month, Advanced is for $399/month and Agency tariff version is for $999/month.


Searchmetrics is another great resource with multiple tools for SEO optimization. It provides an integrated approach to enhancing your website performance and features a blog with many interesting articles that can give you a few insights. To analyze and boost rankings, you can go with mobile, global or local SEO tools. For example, the mobile product allows to monitor search performance of mobile apps, analyze search rankings, compare your app with rivals and more. To start working, request a demo

Advanced Web Ranking 

Advanced Web Ranking is a high-quality keyword tracking software. It’s noticeable for the opportunity to get the necessary information for any location, device, language or search engine. The majority of users note its easy navigation, the visibility of metrics and their distribution per keyword group. 

The platform offers the Starter plan for $49 monthly, the Pro for $99, the Agency and Enterprise packages for $199 and $499 respectively, as well as a 10% discount if paying for a whole year at once. You can start with a 30-day free trial that implies a thousand keywords updated weekly and 150 keywords updated daily.


It’s a fast and accurate tracker delivering insights to SEO professionals, agencies and businesses alike. It’s reliable and features plenty of configuration options. AccuRanker claims to be the world’s fastest keyword rank tracker. 

The platform offers a 14-day free trial and multiple paid plans depending on the number of keywords you want to track (500 – 100k). Monthly billing starts from $49 and includes unlimited domain numbers, advanced reporting, Google and Adobe analytics, landing pages and many more features. 

Moz Pro 

Moz is a huge SEO optimization platform featuring rank checkers among many other tools. It caters to individuals and businesses. Even though it takes up to half an hour to process the data, Moz Pro Rank Checker is advantageous in many ways. It offers comprehensive reports after analyzing rankings, engines, competition and opportunities, and you can check it all for free with a 30-day free trial. Paid plans start from $99/month and go up to $599/month.

Best paid ranking checkers

To choose the right tracker, consider the necessary ranking parameters: keyword number, search engines, countries, type of device, etc. Free tools are perfect for diving into the world of SEO, while software with paid subscriptions provides more detailed research, and almost all of them feature free trials that are a great way to find the best tool for your business.