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An Interview with Elena Kosmynina

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Greetings to you all! We’ve just started a new section dedicated to our collaborators. They will gladly dwell on their working life and free time in a form of an interview. In addition, they will speak on the specifics of their work, as well as on the ins and outs of

A charming girl called Elena Kosmynina is the first to speak. Perhaps, you’ve already got in touch with her in the ticket system, or when receiving regular payments. She has been working with us for almost tree years and is responsible for technical support of our partners, payments, contracts and many other issues, patiently bringing our affiliate network to perfection.

Elena travels a lot, so she’s been interviewed while waiting for her flight from Singapore to Phuket.

Hi, Elena! Tell us briefly about yourself. How have you got to our company?

Hello! I am 30 and come from Yoshkar-Ola. Now I am working as a manager of the affiliate program in Aviasales (Travelpayouts). Previously I worked in one of ОТА in Once I saw a vacancy of the affiliate program manager and responded to it. To be honest, I thought that my application would be rejected, but fortunately, I got a message from Ivan inviting me for an interview. Then I passed the test and had two interviews — with Natasha Kosenko and Kostya Kalinov, whereupon I learned that in two weeks I am flying to Phuket.

Elena Kosmynina

Phuket! Your friends must have been shocked. How do you like your life on the island? Does it differ much?

Of course, my life in Thailand differs from the life in Russia, but not so much. I also go in for sports, try to move more and eat carefully, spend time with my new friends and read. Though I swim quite rare. Here I learned much about yoga and I liked it awfully. I think this love is for life.
In Russia I had practiced pole dance for 2 years. But there were no such studios in Phuket, so I had to forget about dancing for a while. Fortunately, the studio was opened last year, but I did not have an opportunity to visit it, because dancing hours do not do for my working schedule. I also like going to the cinema. Here all the movies are shown in English, so more practice wouldn’t be a bad thing. Of course, there are many cafes and restaurants in Phuket that I just can’t help visiting. Here I can try various national cuisines. It is great! I love Japanese and Italian cuisines, but Thai food is less appealing to me.

Elena Kosmynina

That’s cool! Isn’t it unusual to work in such a paradise?

I like my work very much and think that I am lucky. I derive inspiration from freedom of actions and trust of the manager, so I must not report back on everything I do. No one ever scolds that you’ve done something wrong. You will be quietly informed about it. That’s it. There is one more benefit of working in Aviasales — everyone will always support your desire to develop your skills. For example, the company pays for various foreign language courses and conferences. The main thing is to improve your work. I really like that there is no bureaucracy in Aviasales. I don’t have to fill in the holiday application form or come to agreement with my colleagues about it. There is no paperwork. That’s really cool!

Yoga in Travelpayouts office

Well, yes, that’s great to request a holiday using the mobile application. Have you ever made mistakes or had curious situations connected with your work?

Once a colleague wrote to me: «We must dash off this contract to these dudes. You can shoot it to Sergei right away». So I shoot it as the answer to the letter, leaving the original message unchanged, but replaced the recipient address. So now these dudes will know all the truth about themselves.
This year I’ve got an incredible number of flowers from my colleagues. Oh, it seemed a kind of flower madness. While being in Russia on the 8th of March, I got a huge bouquet of flowers. Then my friends from Thailand and our company have congratulated me on my birthday this way. And on returning to Phuket in mid-April, I found my table covered with diverse flowers. It was so nice!

Elena Kosmynina

Many partners often ask: why do the payments take so much time and have such vague terms from the 10th to 20th?

On the 10th day of each month, we have to conduct verifications with the agencies and correct commissions in the Affiliate Members Area. We generate payments on the 11th day of each month (except weekends). Ivan is responsible for payments to e-wallets, while I am concerned with PayPal payments and accounts payable. I usually spend about 6–8 hours to make payments and prepare accounts payable. The payments are being processed, so our partners see that they have been written off right after commission transfer. As a rule, bank account transfers take more time, since they are conducted by our financial department.
We often face some problems, for example, our partners may have payment limitations due to the lack of identification in Yandex. Money. So we have to contact each of them separately and ask to go through this procedure or change payment method. Besides, we’ve got more than 70 thousand of them! Just imagine! This is the population of a small town.

Why do you think the answers sometimes can be delayed in spite of record-breaking high percentage of tickets processed within the first hour?

To answer a ticket is more than just write something to your partner. Sometimes it is necessary to understand the problem, ask colleagues from other projects/departments. It takes time. Sometimes the partners ask about the payment or setting this or that affiliate tool — I can do it myself, but when it deals with some technical issues (style conflicts, API errors, etc.), I need to contact our programmer. I appreciate my colleagues who are always ready to help me. But they are also busy with their work, so sometimes I have to wait. I’d like to ensure all our partners that we don’t have any lost tickets and I remember about each of them!

With the launch of world-oriented Travelpayouts, we’ve got a lot of foreign partners. Are there some differences in the manner of communication between partners from different countries?

I think there is some difference in mentality and the principles of work in the partner’s country. For example, Western partners always describe in detail what they want, ask many questions, provide a brief description (and origin) of their projects. Partners from the CIS countries are often laconic, speak to the point, while all Indian partners ask for API access, though they do not know what to do with it. When we suggest that they should hire a developer, they always say that they are programmers themselves, but just need to get explanations how to do this or that thing.

How funny! Thanks, Elena! Have a pleasant flight and soft landing!

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