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Interview with Alexey Shaikhaleev the developer in Travelpayouts

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We’d like to continue the series of interview devoted to getting you acquainted with our team. Today we had a visit from a Travelpayouts team developer. So, here we go.

Please, tell a few words about yourself. What are your responsibilities in the company? How did you get into the team? How long do you work here?

My name is Alexey and I’m a developer of the Travelpayouts Affiliate Program.
Forever ago, when I just started discovering the Ruby thing, Aviasales was buying «Ruby on Rails» keywords from Google Ads and advertising their opening positions that way. Then I thought it must be cool to relocate to an island with a warm climate and work in such a great company. A few years after I’ve moved to Phuket and totally accidentally got invited to the Aviasales birthday party, where I was actually hunted. A couple of months later, I became a part of the team. Anyway, I’ve been working for the company for already three years now, so I’m kind of an old guard here.
In Travelpayouts we have a cross-functional team, which means that each team member works on the entire pool of tasks. For example, recently we were working on a plugin update and now we develop the White Label feature, which is going to be released really soon.

What skills should one have to be hired by

It’s needless to say that you have to be an expert in your field and burn the candle at both ends. The main thing you need to survive in our company is a sense of humor and you should definitely be able to laugh at yourself. And not to be a buzzkill. 🙂

developer Alexey Shaikhaleev

How is it to live in Thailand? How do you think your life would differ if you lived in your hometown?

Living in Thai is when your friends and your team go travelling to different places on each big holiday. And what is more, in Phuket you can spend all day riding Enduro in the jungle and then in the evening you come home and jump into the pool right away. Life here is way more comfortable than, for example, in Khabarovsk. Anyway, I would never stay long in my hometown.

Алексей Шайхалеев

Tell me about your hobbies. What is your passion?

Bikes! Skates! Travelling! Travelling on bikes!
It’s easy to travel in Asia and no matter what you choose a car, a bike, or a plane. My best recent trip was a 5-day 2200-kilometer bike ride to the neighboring country. There I got into awful traffic jams in big cities, travelled on highways, where you get overtaken by literally everyone, even though you’re doing 140 km/h, and even rode the mountain serpentine in the night during a thunderstorm. Oh, I’ve also stayed for a night in a real Malaysian fire station!

Алексей Шайхалеев

What is your regular office day like?

I come to the office and crack some sparkling jokes out of hand. While everyone laughs at them, the time usually comes to a stand-up meeting. We have it scheduled on 13:00 Phuket time. During the stand-up meeting we stand in a circle and pass each other a teddy bear. The one who holds the bear is given the right to speak about what he did yesterday and what problems he faced. 15 minutes is usually enough for everyone to share their thoughts.
The rest of my schedule is quite simple: tell a joke, do some work, tell a joke, do some work, have a lunch, tell a joke, do some work, tell a joke, do some work. I usually finish at around 9 pm and go home or spend some time riding a skateboard on a mini ramp we have in our office. Of course, if I don’t feel too lazy and if the weather is ok (in most cases I do feel lazy).

Alexey Shaikhaleev

Let’s get into details of what you do. Why sometimes there are issues with displaying statistics? Can it be lost permanently?

Statistics can become unavailable for some time. This happens not because of some evil intent. Such issues usually arise because of technical maintenance or some bug fixing. Just a little patience and all the data will be available again. Bookings statistics are updated at different times due to the fact that we work with lots of partners. Sometimes errors may occur and affiliate’s booking statistics can be unavailable for some time. We thoroughly investigate each case and surely fix it as soon as possible.

How often do you have to help with resolving tickets? How much time it may take to address a single issue?

Sometimes I do help. Usually it is wonder-Lena and Vanya who resolve almost all the tickets from affiliates. It has to be some really sophisticated and confusing case out there so that the developers’ assistance may be required. Anyway I believe that even the most difficult issue will be resolved during the day.

Fun life in the office

And now, what would you like to know from Alexey?