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Meet our team: We have five new people at Travelpayouts

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This year, we have a lot of new ideas and tasks, so our team added yet another 25 people. In this post, we’ll introduce five of them to you. They’re all talented, interesting people and are real experts at what they do.

Development team

We have so many plans to implement in 2020 and that’s why the development team is growing the fastest.

Yuri Yurochko

Yuri was born in the Bryansk region. He moved to Moscow in 2010 and joined the Travelpayouts’ team in Thailand not long ago.

Yuri likes to play sports, and drive cars and motorcycles. During childhood, he had a Yamaha 50cc scooter and was super happy. Yuri fell off his bike a couple of times, but got back on each time without fear. Now he wants to fulfill his old dream and buy the coolest motorbike.

Yuri likes traveling and has already visited many countries. He often travels to nearby towns on weekends. This is how Yuri managed to visit almost every town of the Russian Golden Ring. We are sure that Yuri will find even more opportunities for traveling in Phuket. 

Vasily Rudenko

Vasily moved to Phuket from Kyiv and immediately received a nickname “Thor” from the Travelpayouts team. Vasily adores sports, especially extreme ones, but prefers team sports and doesn’t really like running for no reason.

Vasily attends all the parties and get-togethers. Interestingly, he doesn’t drink alcohol, but he’s always the last one to leave and has fun no matter what. “That’s who I am and there is no need for additional stimulators,” he always says.

But, if partying becomes boring, it’s time to play Dota.

Marketing team

The marketing team added two very important members: Anastasia Kuvshynnykova, who is now responsible for email marketing, and Polina Shipulina.  

Anastasia Kuvshynnykova

Let’s start with one of her most spectacular facts. At the age of 12, Anastasia spent three days in a polyethylene shack alone in the forest. That was her task after a one-week survival course at a children’s camp. Anastasia even enjoyed that experience, despite waking up in a puddle after the rainy night and having only three tins of condensed milk and three packages of instant noodles. And after all that, she joined the next-level survival course. 

Now, Anastasia prefers traveling the world and walking around new cities. She often travels alone and is able to walk 20 kilometers in one day. Anastasia just goes wherever her eyes lead her and listens to music along the way, which helps to reboot the brain perfectly. 

After visiting over 20 countries and multiple cities, Anastasia considers Barcelona to be the best city on Earth. Here’s what you need to do when you get there: 

  • Watch the sunset while sitting at the Bunkers del Carmel, one of the city’s best viewpoints and where the former anti-aircraft guns were installed.
  • Go for coffee at Satan’s Corner Coffee, and have some wine at the Antic Teatre.
  • Visit the MACBA museum and walk around the Gothic quarter and Gracia

Also, Anastasia has an awesome dog named Chili. 

Polina Shipulina

Polina lives in St. Petersburg and likes traveling, reading, jogging and spending time with her corgi, Falafel. 

Polina knows that life is unpredictable for sure. She graduated with a degree in Interpretation and Translation (Chinese, English), but then switched to analytics.

She didn’t enjoy running for a long time, but her third try changed her mind, and she even started to run half marathons. Polina ran two marathons on her own and joined the official race last summer. She says that crossing the finish line was unforgettable. She’s now making plans for marathons for the coming year.

Polina visited the United States, China, Serbia, Europe and Thailand. As for cities, she enjoys going back to Krakow and Stockholm. By the way, if you’re ever in Stockholm, try the cinnamon buns, and maybe you’ll also want to go back again and again.

Support team

The support team grows almost as fast as the development department. We want to be able to answer your questions faster and better! 

Sergei Agafonov

Sergei was born in Ulan-Ude. After high school, he finished his first year of studies at a few universities, including the one in Volgograd. After that, Sergei spent one year in St. Petersburg and then came back to Ulan-Ude to marry.

Sergei traveled all around the world. He studied at a language school in Malta and at Oxford University, where he enjoyed communicating with his teachers a lot.

He spent over a month in England, where he visited London and saw all the major sights. As a fan of the Arsenal football club, he especially appreciated visiting Emirates Stadium. Now, Sergei continues learning English as well as HTML/CSS. On weekends, Sergei studies, plays FIFA and loves spending time with his wife and cat Anfisa. Sergei has a lot of plans ahead, because he is only 21 years old.