Most Famous Travel Bloggers on the Web

famous travel blogger

There are a number of different famous travel bloggers on the internet, and it’s important that you take the time to look into some of them before planning your next trip. Many of these bloggers can offer a lot of valuable information on various places around the world, so you will need to spend some time looking into them.

Nomad Revelations

This particular travel blog covers destinations on all six continents, and it tends to be very good about updating its content. The bloggers on this website cover a wide range of locations across each continent, providing readers with all of the information they need to plan their trip and prepare for it. One of the things that makes this travel blog website so incredibly popular is the fact that it offers such detailed information and unique perspectives from its travelers.

Expert Vagabond

Expert Vagabond, which is a travel blog run by a man named Mathew, offers some truly amazing posts and information on many different locations throughout the world. Whether it is swimming with bull sharks in Fiji or hitchhiking across America, Mathew has some truly unique experiences and tips to share with those who are interested in doing some of the same things. This travel blog is without a doubt one of the more popular on the internet, simply because the content is so incredibly unique and interesting yet informative at the same time. One of the most well-traveled travel bloggers of all time, Mathew website is certainly worth taking a look at if you plan to become travel blogger, inspire content with very interesting writing style.

The Poor Traveler

You will find that the Poor Traveler has a number of different bloggers that contribute to the content that is posted on it. This particular travel blog is known for its in-depth posts from people traveling to various parts of the world on a shoestring budget. If you want to get some great tips and advice on how to travel to some of the best destinations this world has to offer without spending very much in the process, you will certainly be interested in what this blog has to offer. There are lots of different posts on a number of locations around the world, so it is definitely worth taking a look at.


This travel blogger is widely regarded as being one of the best female solo travel bloggers today, having traveled to and written about many different destinations all over the world. The destinations that are listed on her website include Bhutan, Canada, Costa Rica, India, England, Ireland, Japan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the United States. There is a fairly constant stream of content on this travel blog, and a majority of the posts have quite a bit of substance to them. If you have been looking for a new travel blog that will provide you with some extremely valuable and insightful information on certain destinations, this one may be of great help to you.

The Fearful Adventurer

The Fearful Adventurer is a travel blogger that takes traveling to the next level. Having traveled to some of the more exotic and dangerous locations in the entire world, this blogger certainly has a lot of insight to offer travelers. Torre is the name of the woman who writes for this blog, and she has seen quite a bit of action throughout her travels. She provides those who are planning their next trips with valuable information about the accommodations, food, attractions, activities, and more for every location she travels to.

Nero and Me

This travel blogger named Joshua definitely has one of the most inspirational and interesting travel blogs on the web. Nero and Me follows the adventures of this blogger throughout the UK, traveling only with his backpack and dog Nero. So far Joshua has explored and written about various locations in five different countries, but he has clearly stated that he plans to branch out and expand his travels to many other places in the future. The adventurous spirit of this travel blogger is definitely something to be admired, and his posts are intriguing to say the least. With some truly amazing photos to accompany his interesting and informative posts, this travel blog is one of the best you will find one the internet today.

Traveller Soul

Karla, the writer of this travel blog, is an award-winning writer and constant traveler with a blog that covers locations all over the world. When you visit her blog you will discover that there are a number of topics, ranging from teaching English to studying abroad. This travel blog caters to the needs and interests of many different people, which is definitely one of the reasons that it has become so incredibly popular. If you want to learn more about some of the best travel destinations in the world, the Traveller Soul blog is certainly worth taking a close look at.

Bemused BackPacker

Mike Huxley has traveled to many different places around the world, writing about his experiences in each one in detail. Bemused BackPacker makes it its goal to help others explore the world on a budget. Those who want to have some truly remarkable adventures traveling the world without spending a lot of money in the process will definitely find this particular blog to be an incredible resource. Those who want to learn how to avoid contributing to animal cruelty when traveling will also find this blog to be quite helpful.

World Explora

Charlie is a very established writer and travel blogger, and it’s not surprising when you consider that she’s lived on three different continents. This blogger quit her desk job to pursue a life of traveling around the world and writing about it for the sheer joy as well as benefit to others. Her travel blog covers a number of different locations throughout the world, offering up some great information for those who want to explore the world. Charlie plans on exploring many more places in the future, so there is a lot more to look out for with this travel blog in the future.

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