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Earn on the Travelpayouts referral program

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Earn on the Travelpayouts referral program

Travelpayouts has a referral program where we pay a commission for attracting new partners. Recruit new members and earn 5% off of total revenues. You will get commission the whole time your recruit is working in Travelpayouts. Last year we paid more than $100,000 to referral program members and we would now like to invite you to join the referral program, too.


Participation: The referral program is open to all registered users. The referral link is available in your account under the “Text links” section.

Referral reward: 5% of our income is generated by your referral, and we pay referrals at the expense of Travelpayouts. This means that the earnings of the involved partner do not decrease in any way. We reduce our own earnings to pay the referral fee.

Let’s take this example: If a person registers in the system without a referral link and generates a flight ticket sale, the income is distributed as follows:

  • The total revenue from the flight ticket sale is $10 and the affiliate fee is $6;
  • Remuneration for Travelpayouts is $4.

In the same situation, if an affiliate registers with a referral link, then the income is distributed as follows:

  • The total revenue from the sale of the flight ticket is $10 and the affiliate fee is $6;
  • Remuneration for the attracted partner is $0.5 and remuneration for Travelpayouts is $3.50.

The referral is permanently assigned to the affiliate who recruited him. Many attracted participants only start to significantly earn over time, which means that lifelong commitment of the referral is very important.

How much you can earn

We have already paid referrers over $200,000. In 2018, we paid $12,000 to $13,000 worth of referral deductions every month.

Our affiliate program is not built on the model of referrals alone, so the number of linked accounts and total referral payments are relatively small. However, the referral program is not only a method for additional earnings, but also a method for forming passive income. Below you can see the results of the best affiliates:

Overall revenue Referrals count
$ 10 641 1 741
$ 9 258 330
$ 8 810 74
$ 7 738 35
$ 5 523 11
$ 4 478 53
$ 4 470 283
$ 4 258 155
$ 4 018 125
$ 3 828 330
$ 3 809 10

We will be direct in telling you that earnings are small for most people who utilize referrals, but it’s enough to cover basic expenses, such as mobile, utility bills, etc. You can earn any amount, but it is important to understand that the beauty of referrals is not in high revenue, but that some of your income is generated passively by recruiting other people.

How to attract referrals

The first step is to create your own referral link. To do this, go to the “Text Links” section in the Dashboard and find the “Referrals” tab there. Detailed instructions are available in our knowledge base.

Your link is your tool. You need to share the link in any ethical and accessible way possible. We do not have strict traffic restrictions to attract affiliates. However, spam in any form (by mail, messenger, etc.) and cookie-stuffing (toolbars, iframes, etc.) are prohibited. Anyone who signs up for Travelpayouts with your referral link will be your referral. Their information will be available in the Dashboard in the Travelpayouts program:

Earn on the Travelpayouts referral program

You will see how much each partner earned for you in their report. For example:


There are free and paid ways to recruit referrals. Free options include:

  • Personal invitations to friends, acquaintances and colleagues;
  • Social networks: Groups, discussions, messages and more;
  • Forums: Topics, posts and more;
  • Blogs: Posts, comments;
  • Your own site:Create a page with information about the program and include banners and more.

In all cases, we recommend resolving the problems of the reader or the person to whom this information is aimed. It will be difficult to achieve good results if you place referral links in inappropriate materials or drop links without any explanations. Choose sites that have visitors who would find the link useful and make sure that it is used. Your referrals can be:

  • Website owners (Recommended subjects: Tourism, travel, regional portals, women’s sites, forums, etc.);
  • Owners of social network groups (Twitter, Facebook, etc.);
  • Owners of channels in instant messengers;
  • Owners of mobile applications;
  • Media buyers;
  • Travel agencies (use this article to find out more);
  • Independent travelers.

And, anyone who wants to earn on the sale of flight tickets and other travel products. The presence of the site is not necessary to participate in the affiliate program.

Little lifehack: If you know of travel blogs that are not using Travelpayouts tools, you can contact their owners and tell them about Travelpayouts. Additionally, if you know your referral personally, you can invest your time by briefly training them. The more earnings your referral has, the more you will earn. Send a new affiliate to our blog or knowledge base for training – we have everything required for a successful start.

You can also use paid methods. For example, contextual advertising, targeted advertising on social networks, etc. If you use paid traffic channels, you need to have arbitrage traffic skills, because the money spent must be offset by referral deductions. It does not make sense to buy referrals on special stocks in the case of the Travelpayouts affiliate program, since we do not pay for the number of involved affiliates. You get revenue if your referrals earn, so you have to find active people.

Travelpayouts offers affiliates a large number of tools and the opportunity to earn money on various travel services. The Travelpayouts referral program is a great way to generate additional, passive income, by recommending an excellent product. At the same time, your referral does not lose anything, because we pay the referral fee from our own income!