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Earn up to 10,000 dollars per month from one single Travel Site (Verified Method)

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From Travelpayouts: This text was written by our affiliate and placed on a popular forum BlackHatWorld.

Hi everyone, it’s been a long time since I shared some interesting and useful information with you all. The hectic life is keeping me busy and faced a lot of disappointments as well, but by the grace of God I am doing fine, and life is getting back to normal. It is a verified method, and I am the living example as it is helping me earn money for over four years and it is the primary product that I made in the network world. During the time I tried several types of MM method that helped me make money, but I lost it also from some other reasons. But, this one that I am going to share with you is simply superb, and I can guarantee you that it works just like a German Car.

It is completely 100 percent white hat income, but it requires a lot of patience and several good hard working hours, in the beginning. For me, it is still amazingly working well and growing every day. With one site, I am making around 3k to 10k per month as it is the traditional travel niche. However, the income will be high or low as it depends on the travel seasons. Get ready as it is going to be a long post that can give out several details about this travel niche, including audience research, market research, keyword research, partner researching, traffic generations, content creation, monetizing, etc. As my English knowledge is not as expected, so you will find little hard. However, it is absolutely original and not a BS method that has created in theory. I guarantee you that it is a 100 percent working process that can generate white hat and stable income.

We will combine travel affiliate programs with local travel services, including transfers, excursions, private trips, taxi, and so on. I want BHWers from Malaysia, India, Thailand, Philippines, Greece, Turkey, etc., mainly. So, keep all your wandering thoughts away from you and read this post carefully. Many people just ignore the fact that the gold is in front of them, but they try not to believe it and try to target very tough niches like finance, beauty, service providing, pharmacy, adult, etc. Of course, these niches are always good to do there is nothing wrong, but one has to have good experience to manage these niches and generating money is also difficult as several competitors competing with you. The travel niche is a perfect choice for people who want to move from one travel spot to another.

Process in Short: Create a travel website about a famous travel spot and do business with local organizations and travel affiliate programs. You should also know how to generate and sell the service.

1. Market Research Selecting a Destination

People from different nations like various types of vacations and they prefer to visit several countries. Also, the distance plays a significant role, if you are traveling from the USA, Europe, China, Russia, Japan or any other country who loves to travel, then they should choose the destination of their own language. It can help them save a lot, on content formation (you will understand this later as I will explain how to obtain quality content for less Money).

If you are in a country where you can see a lot of tourists visiting the place, then you will understand clearly that, which country people love to visit the place. Here you can find some vital information that can help you to select targeted audience.

Nations that travel most:

  1. The United States.
  2. Germany.
  3. China.
  4. The United Kingdom.
  5. France.
  6. Japan.
  7. Italy.
  8. Russia.
  9. Canada.
  10. The Netherlands.

If your website is in English, then you will get to target various countries, also, same with Russian and German and Spanish Language. Also, it is advisable to visit various tourist websites if you want to get a better idea about which destinations are most famous. Check if the tourist site offers sell trips, also look for their flight schedule, it is important because if they have ten planes a week, then it can be considered as the best destination for sure.

Before you want to see further information, it is advisable to spend some time for research, and the best thing about the Google is you can find most of the needed information easily.

German country’s top destinations are Italy, Spain, Turkey, and Austria.

The USA’s Preferred Destinations are Canada, Bahamas, Mexico, France, Italy, China, and Japan.

China’s people are passionate travelers as they spend a lot of money on travels, and the Chinese Tourists continue to be the biggest spenders. The Chinese people love to travel overseas, and they visit various Asian Courtiers, including Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, and Japan. Also, they like to visit the US, the UK, Italy, and France. If you are acquainted with any Chinese, then consider yourself as lucky.

Germany is also one of the top destinations, and its destinations include Italy, Spain, Turkey, and Austria.

Russia’s destinations are Egypt, but it is closed now, Thailand, Turkey, and other destinations, including Spain, Asia, Italy, Greece, but right now it is down. Hopefully, the following year will be a year of national tourism.

British people love to visit Portugal, Spain, Italy, the USA, Greece, and France.

I hope this list can help you to choose targeted language and group for your website, or you can as well create a various website in a different language, it is entirely up to you.

Very Crucial: For better conversions and easy ranking, I will avoid targeting the entire countries keywords; instead I will choose certain destinations. For instance, if you select Thailand, then I will create a site for Phuket, Samui, or Pattaya separately. If you want to choose Spain, then you have to separate Mainland and Islands. For Turkey, I will not aim Marmaris and Antalya on the same website, and also, similar with Egypt; I will avoid choosing Hurghada and Sharm EI Sheikh on the same site. We prefer to have maximum targeted visitors as it can increase conversion, and your website will provide articles for the specified destination, which makes your visitors stay longer time on the website and they will get a clear idea about their travel destination that they want to visit.

2. Keyword research — Choosing Domain, Theme


As you already know Domain is a travel destination, and you want to reach targeted audience. Now, it is the best time to select a domain that will be easy to remember, and the other thing I would like to suggest is that when you want to target tourist from a particular country, then it is advisable to get a local domain. For instance, if I target German, then I will use .de, and I will avoid choosing long domain names. I would prefer to go with brand name than with exact keyword domain, you want people to remember you, domain should be short, catchy, easy to type and remember.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is an easy part in travel niche, as generally, travelers look for the same things before they fly. The things that they look, including Food, Hotel Location, Prices, Places to Visit, Transportation, Internet facility, Best Beaches, Excursion, Few Local Sentences, and so on. Before you start your search, just note it down on a notepad or paper pad all that you want to search for your vacation. Commonly, everyone wants to explore the place, have fun, eat and like to have a memorable trip.

A few examples

I search for a travel destination, then I will separate them by steps like choosing hotel and location, plan a trip, during vacation, planning vacation, and business keywords such as excursions packages and other regional services like guiding, renting, extreme sports, etc.

The keywords that any individual will use to search when they are planning a vacation, including:

  • The best hotel to stay in Phuket
  • Best location for family vacation in Phuket
  • Best beaches in Phuket
  • Airport of Phuket
  • Visa to Thailand
  • Airport of Phuket
  • Phuket Accommodation
  • Best Hotels in Phuket
  • all inclusive resorts Phuket

The German embassy in Thailand or you can as well change the country based on your target.

Once I am out of keywords, then I will try Google Phrases to obtain new ideas, and after few minutes, I am ready with another list of targeted keywords.

  • Karon Beach Phuket
  • Patong Beach Phuket
  • Bangtao Beach Phuket
  • Kata Beach Phuket
  • NaiHarn Beach Phuket
  • Kamala Beach Phuket
  • Airport Bus Phuket
  • Phuket International Airport
  • Taxi fare from airport to Bag Tao Beach
  • Taxi fare from airport to Patong Beach (the phrase works with all beaches as mentioned above)
  • Budget Hotels in Phuket
  • Thailand Visa Information
  • Hotel near Phuket airport
  • Top 10 resorts in Phuket
  • Top 10 hotels in Phuket
  • Top 10 luxury hotels in Phuket
  • Top 10 resorts in Phuket
  • Beaches with coral reefs in Phuket

We have several keywords now that can help us to find best hotel location to stay in Phuket, so now it’s time to cover other requirements such as mobile, internet, food, transportation, the local language, etc. You have to follow a similar process like above, which means make a list of keywords and then get ideas from Google using Google keyword planner. Once I get the idea and make a list of keywords, which is easy to do as I didn’t spend much time to find the list. With this list, you can get some ideas so that you can include all other keywords accept excursions and traveling.

  • Prices in Phuket
  • Best Restaurants in Phuket
  • Exotic fruit
  • Tom Yam Goong
  • Local Thai food
  • Pad Thai
  • Som Tam
  • KuayTiew (Noodle Soup)
  • Gai Med Ma Moung (Chicken Cashew Nuts)
  • Kao Phad (fried rice)
  • Tom KhaGai
  • Tax in Phuket
  • Mobile internet Phuket
  • Sim Cards Phuket
  • Phrases in Thai
  • Night Clubs Phuket
  • Best girls in Phuket
  • Illuzion Phuket
  • Seduction Nightclub Phuket
  • Love Nightlife Phuket
  • Best Bars in Phuket
  • Xana Beach Club
  • Sexual Thai Massage
  • Thai massage
  • Christin Massage
  • Nightlife Phuket
  • Christin Massage price
  • Phuket night markets
  • Street Food in Thailand
  • Phuket minibus
  • Where to eat in Phuket
  • Thai noodles
  • Phuket minibus
  • Shiatsu Massage Chair
  • Popular Thai names
  • Thai Street Food recipes
  • Shiatsu massage chair
  • Best bars in Phuket
  • Phuket nightlife for couples
  • Bangla road bars
  • Useful Thai Phrases

Common Thai phrases

  • Phuket Weekend market
  • Phuket weekend market (TaladTairod)
  • Phuket weekend market location
  • Banzaan Market
  • Bangla road Phuket Thailand
  • Thank you in the Thai language
  • Thai words in English
  • Patong Beach Nightlife
  • Local Thai Restaurants
  • Shopping in Phuket
  • Phuket taxi fare
  • Jung ceylon Shopping Mall
  • Phuket Walking Street
  • Central Festival Phuket

It is a short list of keywords, which I found in just five minutes and if you want more than you can Google search using the keywords like fun things to do in Phuket or top 10 shopping centers, etc. You can find several short, targeted keywords. When you check the search amount, and if you observed that short, targeted keyword is often checked in Google search, then you can use a different set of targeted keywords.

Business Keywords Money Generating Keywords

  • Phuket vacation
  • Phuket day trips
  • Group Phuket
  • Holiday Phuket
  • Private Trips Phuket
  • Group trips Phuket
  • Car rental Phuket
  • Excursion Phuket
  • Accommodation in Phuket
  • Cheap excursions Phuket
  • Private Guide in Phuket
  • Book excursion Phuket
  • German Guide Phuket
  • Private guide in Phuket
  • Taxi Online Phuket
  • Flowers delivery Phuket

To get the remaining keywords use the terms mentioned above in the Google search, and you will get over 20 to 30 places and trips details to visit. You can make an Excel file with the trip prices, the name of the tips, from various agencies, and so on. You can also get good suggestions from TripAdvisor. You can as well search using the terms like a fishing trip, extreme sports, surfing, mountains, etc.

3. Content Creation — Know how to find unique and affordable content

As you all know the fact that for any website, content is the crucial element to consider and one should provide informative content. If you provided well researched and exclusive articles, then immediately you will build trust among your visitors, and you can easily turn them into customers. You should always remember to provide targeted keywords in your content that the individuals mostly search when they plan a vacation to a particular destination.

You can provide content by yourself, which is what I did for my website, I wrote more than one hundred and fifty articles on my main website and wrote unlimited content for SEO requirements. It is not that hard if you think of and I am comfortable writing it in my own language, and to tell you, I am also very experienced in travel niche.

The best thing about the travel content is that you can obtain it at a very affordable price and at the same time you can get high-quality content. The countries like Latin America, Africa, Asia, and some European Countries pay the average salary for the employees, not just for the local people they also pay the same salary for the people who have come from Canada, the USA, German, and the UK. This difference is because these individuals believe the lifestyle and success are separate from what they earn, however, philosophy does not fill their stomachs; they still need money for their daily requirements. However, there are several writers available in these countries so that you can outsource your article writing task to these individuals to write for your website to steer traffic to your travel website.

To get more impact to your website visitors, before writing articles about the particular destination, you can visit and stay for some time and then write about the travel destination with a firsthand experience.

Of course, it is not just advice to give people; I personally followed my advice.

4. Traffic Generation — SEO, Social, Reviews

SEO Traffic

For my website, most of the traffic comes from Search Engines; the best thing about this technique is you can select a large number of keywords with very little or low opposition. Also, my keywords have entered top 5 positions, and it happened several times, and to tell the truth, I did even put a lot of effort as well. Each individual has their own viewpoint for perfect SEO. Here you can find the best one that works.

Tier 1

20-50 * 5 — 7 pages WEB 2.0, I like to choose multiple pages web 2.0 as they look tiny sites and I prefer to have meaningful content on them along with images and video. I do this part always manually as it is not an easy process, it’s a time-consuming process. But, the process brings profits, as I live in one of the targeted destination, so hired a few locals to help me build my mini sites. For every web 2.0 I included Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube channel, and also included all videos in the articles and I uploaded them to my YouTube channel, it contains images and copyrights free YouTube music. After you done with creation you can power web 2.0 posts with links, it is safe for your money site and ususaly brings possitive effect.

High PR Medium /Forum Profiles

You can get a large range of travel forums where you can include your profile and link; also you can find forum produce a good traffic, hot threads, and question & answers. You can as well unite your forum profiles at big buddy, which I did, and satisfied with its job.

High PR Social Bookmarks

You can connect your site directly to Social Bookmarks, which is the first thing I did to my site and obtained between 30 and 50 High PR.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is the best link that you can receive in the travel niche. You can find several bloggers who are ready to link to your website or swap links with you; normally I give links from web 2.0 in exchange the travel bloggers place a link from the primary site to me. Most of the time, these links you can get it for free, as these bloggers just want to share an experience rather gaining money.

Paid Links

I purchase appropriate links from reliable sources. However, they are not very affordable, but they are efficient and work wonderfully with the only niche targeted links.

PBN Links

Here I dont talk about spammy PBN’s, but about sites that can aim for smaller subjects in your category; you can get domains such as local_thai_food, nightlife_phuket, etc. The micro niche website with targeted audiences that can help you get both targeted traffic as well as useful links. I am not going deep into details as each site in your PBN will on different IP, and use a different server, with social profiles and information, etc. You can find some of the good postings on PBN building in BHW.

Also, I am not going to provide a lot of details on tier 2 and tier 3 links, but the only suggestion is, do not use any dappled links directly to your money site, you can use web 2.0 and also for PBN follow the same advice.

4.1 Traffic Generation — Traffic from Hotel reviews sites

You can obtain vast traffic from Tripadvisor, top hotels, and several other hotel review exchange website. Find the hotels that are booked the most at the targeted destination, and you can make ten accounts on each website, and post some casual reviews about restaurants, hotels at your targeted destination, also try to rate some places, and make your account looks more (less) real.

You can as well visit the most famous hotels and provide a live review; it is actually very efficient than just rewriting the reviews written by somebody. You can easily share expirience about the place you visited and how well organized it was by “company Name”, you just post the name of you agency, not entire link. If your review is genuine, then the people will search for you agency in Google. Also, you can link profile of any business listed on TA to sites like Tripadvisor. Also, you should remember that when your review is gone from the first page, then post another one immediately as fresh reviews always shown on top.

Make sure to have your profile on Tripadvisor stands in a good position.

It looks good. I advise that you should have targeted sites in various languages so that people from different places can plan the vacation, and you can as well send them a private message along with the website link. Also, provide them more websites with live reviews, and to do this job you can hire VA on a daily basis.

4.2 Traffic From International tours marketplace

You can list the details of your excursion 100 percent free on several websites, some websites may charge a small amount to post your list, and some websites take a commission for every booking.

Few examples: You can list your trips on most of these websites, and you are sure to make a large number of sales, and you can as well get a better price than your opponents.

You can find plenty of sites to add your trips to, I would say that it is brings insane sells, but it is worth to do, when you submit your trips to many sites, it is pays back and normally you can have strong profile links from trusted source.

4.3 Social Networks — Groups, posting

There are several ways to produce traffic using social networks, all that you need is to have an official team for your website; also it is better to provide general groups for the targeted destination.


Facebook is one of the best social networks to generate traffic as it works for all niches. Here you can share your targeted niche in something like magazine or new style and share the links to larger related niche groups, mods will not remove these shares, and you can place your link on the bar or between the paragraphs.


You can upload the trip videos, logo, name of the trip and your website link with the description, which can help people know exactly what you are offering.

Yahoo answers/similar Forums/Sites

People ask several questions on travel niche, and in Yahoo answers, you can find several questions posted every day. On Yahoo answers or similar sites, you can post your answers and also rate the best answer. Also, you can answer the questions in significant forums. The fact is, when I posted answers in over 15 forums, I literally became a celebrity and filmed about me on TV, and also magazines asked to produce the content for them, and in return, they posted my site. Also, several big hotel video sites invited me to their place, and I visited around four countries in total.

Emailing subscribers

The email subscribers get discounts for landing pages that comes with collect emails, free country guide, and send best offers.

Monetization — Partners research — Making money

In fact, travel niche is tough to monetize, I always combine travel related affiliate networks and partnering with local agencies. If we talk about flight tickets, hotel booking, car renting, event tickets etc, I would suggest going with travel affiliate networks, personally, I work with travel payouts.

But when it comes to excursions, local service, transfers, and local companies’ ads placement then choosing local partners is the better idea. Why am I saying it is good? Because even if around one thousand visitors visit the place per day you can still make good profits from the local market, however, it is not the same case when you go with the travel related program.

You have two methods to find the local companies to work with you. The first method is, email or call them, and show you site and discusses the net price or commission that they would like to pay you. Usually, in every travel destination plenty of companies who can arrange the trips so you can check few of them before you choose and compare prices that suites your needs. These companies generally pay the commission without any issue, because they don’t want to lose good partners. Even I have a travel agency, and for some of my loyal partners, I give price even before making a profit as I get more visitors for the trips and I can arrange it by myself and for my clients so that I can make more profit.

The second method is to travel to the targeted destination and get contacts with regional companies directly, this method works better and helps you get better price 100 percent.

You can directly approach the car renting offices, flower delivery owners, local night clubs, taxi companies, etc., and get clear about the commission for the referral customers. Most of these local businesses offer free transfer, free entrances, but they make a lot of money on the bar and other things. Even the great souvenir and fabric shops offer free transfer and pay commission for each sale.

From excursion trips usually, you can earn between 10 am 30 dollars per trip/per person. For private trips, you can easily earn between 100 and 300 dollars per trip. For taxi, it is always fixed commission around 10 to 15 percent for the trip. Flowers can be easily resold, and I sell them for double price. 
The most crucial thing is to make calm and suitable working space between your clients, suppliers, and you so there will be accurate reports, no missed trip, and happy customers. On this point some people ask me why I now work with a company like Viator for trips, the only reason is low commission rate, they pay about 5% from amount clients have booked with, local companies will give 20-40% commission.

Various methods are described in the video:

My income

Simple estimate, if you sell two to three trips per day, and generally most people travel with family and friends, and for instance, three couples is equal to 6 pax, 6*20 dollars (its average commission, but normally it will be more) is equal to 120 dollars profits. In the peak season when around two to three thousand visitors come to the place per day, then I can make around 15 to 30 sales per day so that you can calculate the income accordingly.

If you are planning to move to any travel spot, then choosing this method is the best option as you can earn a lot of money and at the same time enjoy your life with girls on the beach.