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6 February 2017 13 comments

Travel Affiliate Program Private Label

The Dohop Flight Search affiliate system is no more, but you can easily find a replacement if you want. The Travelpayouts travel affiliate program is a great travel portal and a stellar Dohop Whilelabel replacement that will help you continue to generate a lot of revenue on the fly!

Dohop shuts down white label service for their flight search feature, and this left a lot of flight affiliate program professionals like you with no way to generate income. But just because Dohop doesn’t offer this system, that doesn’t mean you will not be able to get the results you want. You just have to find a good Dohop while label alternative and Travelpayouts is here to help! But why should you consider working with us when there are so many airline tickets search engines?

There are many reasons behind that. Not only do we allow you to get 50-70% from the entire revenue (commission from bookings and additional ad revenue), but we also bring you a whole bunch of other benefits too. We bring in a low fares calendar, responsive design, and no pre-moderation!

Yes, you just have to sign up, and then you can easily create your white label. You don’t have to wait. Instead, we allow you to go ahead and generate revenue on the spot with great results.

Aside from that, Travelpayouts brings you a feature-filled travel portal and the very best private label affiliate program on the market. We offer features like multi-city route, best offers, and baggage info, among many others. Our White Label is based on Jetradar technologies and we are 100% white label, without any «powered by».

So just read a short summary about about our WL on a special page.

Like Dohop, we provide support for different languages (24 currently) and currencies, and we always add support for more. So, you will be able to join our flight affiliate program and use it in your local language. Plus, we can add any new language upon request from any affiliate. We always communicate with our affiliates and improve our services or customize them if necessary.

Aside from flights, our travel affiliate program also covers hotels. This means you get to have a stellar result and the value is nothing short of impressive each time for that reason alone.

Another reason why we are the best Dohop White label replacement is an amazing support. We have a support team that is ready to help you handle any inquiries or problems regardless of the situation. That’s what makes the experience worth it, the fact that you can work with a team you can trust and which is always there for you.

Do you need affiliate tools? We can offer you anything you need, from popular destination widgets to low fares calendars, search form boxes as well as just about any other tool that you might need. We even have a dedicated WordPress plugin, so there are plenty of tools that you can use once you join up our flight affiliate program.

Lastly, we can give access to the Search API per request, and we have a free Data API.

If you were looking for the very best Dohop affiliate program alternative, all you have to do is to check out our service right away. Travelpayouts is here to help you with you further monetize your travel website. All you have to do is to try out our dedicated private label affiliate program right away; you will not regret it!

Sign up at and use a promo code «DOHOP» and get 70% commission for the next 3 months (only for new accounts). It’s free and WL is ready to start just after a registration.

Alexey Yanchuk

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  • Dominik Kreuch

    Travelpayouts is the best affiliatprogramm 🙂

    • Thanks a lot! 🙂

    • Deng Majok

      yes Canadian English has differences but not Canadian French

  • Deng Majok

    Can you please add Canadian languages English and France to Travelpayouts affiliate program

    • Hi!
      Are Canadian English and Canadian French have a lot differences from English and French? If yes, please contact us and we’ll figure that out, maybe we’ll need you help to tune current English and French

  • flying121

    I remember when i first join Travelpayout back in around 2015, I was like what am i doing joining this program but boy i was right…..travelpayout is 100% the best network out there right now and i think what this blog failed to point out is that unlike Dohop who never reply or pay their affiliates, travelpayout reply to your questions even on a Sunday….

    • Thanks for your warm words! We do our best for our affiliates.

  • flying121

    Anyone eles have issues with the website smartfares? I think they should be removed from the search results all my customers who book tickets with them complain of not able to fly on tickets due to the fact that smartfares either charge their card then contact customers later telling them that the price of the ticket had changed. They even using customer details to rate themselfe on trustpilot.

    • Hi! We checked all our tickets and feedback at Jetradar. Unfortunately we found just a few more bad feedback about Smartfares. We are sorry for that experience, your users faced, but currently we don’t have a lot of cases. Please contact our support with any information about issues with OTAs. Thank you.

  • Terrance Bendt

    Wen can we see dutch languages for travelpayouts affiliate

    • approx at the beginning of April. It’s already translated

    • Terrance Bendt

      ok nice and wil it also be on the whitelabel sites

    • white label and search forms