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Meet our team: Daria Sukhoroslova, account manager

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Daria has tons of energy, and she can handle anything; working with Travelpayouts advertisers, creating new travel projects and making money on affiliate marketing. Daria has even tried out one affiliate program for tours before sending her CV to Travelpayouts. In this interview, Daria shared about the tools for promo advertisers, growth opportunities and how she once got into the Chilean accelerator.

Before Travelpayouts

  • I am a philologist, and I studied ancient manuscripts and miniatures at university.
  • I had been working in the field of telecommunications for a long time. I provided customer service support for medium-to-large-sized businesses, most of which were IT companies. In general, my main task was customer retention in this highly competitive market.
  • Once, I created a startup with my partner. Our MVP was a plugin that helped monetize AdBlock traffic. This project helped us get into the Chilean accelerator, which was a cool experience of exchanging ideas, giving public speeches and practicing our elevator pitch. It was a golden opportunity to communicate with people from the USA, France, Switzerland, India, Latin America and Russia.

My role at Travelpayouts

  • My acquaintance with Travelpayouts started with the Bruegel exhibition in Vienna. I decided to create my own website, test different partner tools, including the tour widgets, and earn money with it. Within one month, I sold three excursions and paid back all my investments. Then, I saw a job offer from Travelpayouts and sent them my CV. At that time, I had just moved to St. Petersburg.
  • Before applying, I read about the company, watched the interview with Ivan Baidin and Alexander Bortsov, the owner of the Travelbelka portal. I was also inspired by the fact that the company paid the affiliates more than 17 million dollars. So I decided to submit my CV.
  • My test task was to make up a detailed plan of cooperation with Lonely Planet and write a letter in English, provided that they were ready to partner. 
  • I work with advertisers and affiliates at Travelpayouts. My main function in the company is to create and maintain “win-win” situations. It is mutually beneficial cooperation when everybody wins: partners, advertisers and the network itself. The income growth of every member of this network is a positive result.

Work process

  • An account manager is the link between advertisers, webmasters and the Travelpayouts team. There are 50 advertisers and more than 200,000 affiliates in our network. I work with 20 advertisers, half of which are foreign. 
  • I regulate the functioning of our partner network and platform, and help with promoting advertisers among affiliates.
  • I put tasks in the Worksection.  We use Pipedrive to add all the new activities and agreements to CRM. I try to contact all our advertisers by email, Skype or Telegram, or call in via Zoom at least once a week. I am in touch with some of them every day, solving work issues.
  • We arrange different activities and contests together with the marketing team. For example, right now we are organizing the contest “Travelpayouts AffiliateMan.” Affiliates who manage to complete the biggest number of bookings will receive prizes such as a drone, a “whenever and wherever” tour, virtual reality glasses and even over $15,000. We want the summer season to be as profitable for everyone as possible. 
  • My task is to inform affiliates about new advertisers with an interesting product. For example, a webinar with the Compensair service has just taken place. It helps users get compensation for flight delays or cancellations. Since June 1, this advertiser is doubling the commission up to 10 euro to partners bringing applications from almost all countries around the world.
  • I help gather information from advertisers. Recently, we published an article on our blog about the best summer travel destinations in cooperation with Musement, AutoEurope, GoCity, Tiqets, Omio and TicketNetwork.
  • Apart from promoting advertisers and supporting our affiliates, I also control compliance with the rules. It is no secret. Do not use fraudulent traffic and follow the rules.  This will help you avoid a ban in our network.
  • Getting approval for an affiliate campaign is not hard either. Just describe your traffic sources in detail and attach screenshots from Google Analytics or Yandex Metrics. It is quite easy, but many newcomers just write, “Hi! I want to work with you,” and nothing more. Or, some of them write that they will use the money earned here to protect the environment. Hey guys, good idea! But, that has nothing to do with this case.

About advertisers and affiliates

  • For me, the travel segment is a new experience and a place for personal growth. On the one hand, cooperation with foreign advertisers and well-known brands like KAYAK and BlaBlaCar gives me room for development. On the other hand, it is also a great responsibility.
  • I am keen on visiting different museums and excursions when traveling, especially when such tours are organized by enthusiastic people with expertise. I try to not miss the opportunity to visit them in all the new places I go. For example, Vladimir Nabokov’s Berlin or La Silla Observatory in Chile. I like working with advertisers who are engaged in such activities.
  • I have recently met our partners in person at the Travelpayouts meetup. Before that, my colleague and I visited MAC (Moscow Affiliate Conference). Such meetups and conferences help in understanding how the industry works, what kinds of people work there, how much money they make and how they do it. 

Work environment

  • I used to work remotely as a freelance writer. But at some point, it became crucial for me to be a part of the team. However, working at the office was weird at first. 
  • In Travelpayouts, you feel both the culture of a big company and spirit of the startup, and that’s what I like. I feel that I came at the right moment when interesting things are happening. We shape the inner processes and can actually influence them. At the same time, you have the right to make a mistake, you just need to learn from it and fix it. 
  • Since I joined Travelpayouts, we have created our own traditions in the St. Petersburg office. We have breakfast together with the mobile development team, or we have the movie club organized by Lisa Rudykh, as well as frequent retro parties that help us both discuss work issues and get to know each other better.

Things I’d like to improve

  • Now that we are developing a demonstrative account report together with our analyst. Its main function is to help analyze the results of activities and traffic more efficiently and respond to the changes faster.
  • I would like to better understand some technical issues and know more about the industry in general. A couple of years ago I took a course in HTML and CSS, and this knowledge still helps me.

Let’s get personal

  • My travel project is called Artdayguide. I planned it as a guide to the art exhibitions in Europe and Russia with short excerpts about the artist, the exhibition itself, examples of books and films about it, and the tour itself. I posted a couple of articles dedicated to Breugel and Rembrandt on the site and earned a little with Sputnik8 and Tripster. I stopped upgrading the project but I am going to continue developing it in the near future.
  • I just moved to St. Petersburg, and every walk in this city brings me joy. It is a good way to lift the spirit and forget about work for a bit.
  • If aliens come and ask where to go on vacation in order to understand the human race better, I would advise them to travel on the Trans-Siberian Railway. A couple of my foreign friends said it was a very unusual experience.
  • When I was in Chile, I did not have enough time to get to Argentina, and this country takes first place on my travel wishlist. Also, I would like to visit New York City.
  • I was influenced a lot by Michael Haneke’s film “Love.”
  • Among my recently read books, I can highlight fiction “Conversations with Friends” by Sally Rooney and nonfiction “How to visit an art museum” by Johan Idem.
  • My three favorite tracks I would play at a corporate party:
    • “Deadly Valentine” by Charlotte Gainsbourg
    • “Postcards from Paraguay” by Mark Knopfler
    • “Londres” by Brazzaville.

Further plans

  • In 10 years, I see myself living by the sea, feeling very happy and not worrying about anything.