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Car rental affiliate programs list

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Rental car affiliate programs are a great way to boost your income. The average affiliate revenue is 3-5% from the rental price, which is $30-50 from the $1,000 booking. With Travelpayouts, you can partner with AutoEurope, Discover Cars, MyRentaCar and EconomyBookings. This article provides a general overview of the car rental market and encompasses the advantages of the affiliate programs mentioned above.

Car rental market

Car rental companies target quite a big audience of tourists who want to explore new places with their own itinerary. Such mode of traveling provides a higher level of mobility and spares customers of actual ownership problems. Today, renting a car is easier than ever before. With online platforms where you can read a detailed description of a car, check its photos and choose a pickup point, the vehicle rental market is experiencing a stable annual growth of about 3.4% and is expected to reach the $27M market size by the end of 2019.

Most popular are cost-effective options such as Economy class, while Luxury class cars are less in demand.

The cost of renting a car is about $41 per day on average around the world, including pickup places in the proximity of airports. Comparing different countries, the biggest income is generated in the USA, and it is expected to reach $10.3M in 2019.

Thus, if readers of your blog are likely to rent a car, affiliate programs might be a great way of helping them find reliable providers and generate passive income.

Car rental affiliate programs

Check this table out to compare affiliate programs for the car rental segment.

Affiliate program MyRentaCar AutoEurope EconomyBookings Discover Cars
Affiliate reward 50% revenue share 2,4% to 5,6% commission

on bookings

60% revenue share 56% revenue share + additionally 24% for FullCoverage sold
Countries Montenegro 180 countries 150 countries 150 countries
Languages English, Greek,
and Russian
English, German, French, Spanish,
Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish
18 languages 15 languages
Program page Join Join Join Join

MyRentaCar affiliate program

MyRentaCar affiliate program

MyRentaCar is an online car rental service that works in Montenegro and is extending its presence to other European countries. The company partners only with local providers to guarantee the lowest prices and the best service quality. Due to the great performance, the company experienced massive growth and extended the list of countries it works with. There are three main advantages your clients will enjoy with MyRentaCar:

  • You can search for a car by particular criteria like color or any technical aspect
  • Deposits are only 15% of the rental cost (up to 300 euro)
  • 24/7 customer support

MyRentaCar affiliate program provides its affiliates with 50% of the advertiser’s revenue on every booking (on average, 21 euro per booking) and special promotional materials:

  • Affiliate links (give conversion up to 7.5%)
  • Widgets

This car rental affiliate program also provides the White Label tool which is able to increase your conversion up to 2.7%.

AutoEurope affiliate program

AutoEurope affiliate program

AutoEurope is the world’s leader in car rental services. It partners only with top providers like Europcar or Hertz and offers 20,000 car rental pickups in more than 180 countries. Here is why your clients will enjoy AutoEurope:

  • A wide selection of rental companies and best rates
  • You can cancel for free 48 hours prior to pickup
  • Best rate guarantee
  • 24/7 customer support service

Affiliates can join the program and enjoy the following benefits:

  • 5.6% commission on bookings in Europe
  • 2.4% commission on booking in the rest of the world
  • average booking is $400
  • Seven-day cookie lifetime

However, pay attention to the individual requirements of each provider. They might include an obligatory insurance minimum or bank card restrictions.

AutoEurope provides affiliates with the following tools:

  • Customizable and responsive widgets
  • Affiliate links
  • Over 10 banners of different sizes

EconomyBookings affiliate program

EconomyBookings affiliate program

EconomyBookings is an online car rental platform offering services in many different countries over the world. It is a huge online rental service with over 25,000 rental locations worldwide and a high car rating. Users leave positive reviews commenting on the good technical condition and the cleanliness of the cars rented with EconomyBookings. In order to gain customers trust, the platform provides a full description of every car presented on the website. Here are the advantages for your customers:

  • Low prices
  • 800 car rental companies such as Hertz, Thrifty and best local providers
  • 175,000 cars for rent with a detailed description and photos for every car
  • Over 25,000 pickup points in the most convenient areas: close to airports, train stations and more
  • 150 countries
  • 24/7 customer support service

For affiliates, EconomyBookings offers 60% of the advertiser’s revenue and provides three types of promotional materials such as:

  • Customizable, unique and adaptive widgets suitable for mobile and desktop versions
  • Over 10 different banners
  • Affiliate links

The platform is available in 17 languages: English, Russian, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Turkish, Finnish, Estonian, Korean.

EconomyBookings is present in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Great Britain, Greece, Germany, Cyprus, Poland.

Here are the most popular destinations where people use the services of EconomyBookings: Milan, Barcelona, Lisbon, Athens, Tel Aviv, Madrid, Rome, London, Paris, Larnaka.

Discover Cars affiliate program

Discover Cars

Discover Cars is a large car rental company, operating in 150 countries. It offers both local and international providers in each destination, with over 2,000,000 rental offers in total.

  • Choose a car from large companies such as Avis, Sixt, Thrifty or local providers.
  • You can filter offers by car class, transmission, fuel type, air conditioning, deposit size and more.
  • Should a problem arise during your trip, the company provides a special insurance cover worth $3,000.
  • With Discover Cars, you can access 2,000,000 offers in 10,000 locations around the globe.

Affiliates receive a 56% revenue share + additionally 24% for FullCoverage sold. The cookie lifetime is 1 year.

Also, Discover Cars has a very high level of customer satisfaction and many positive reviews

The company website is available in 15 languages. Learn more about Discover Cars affiliate program here.

What car rental affiliate program to choose

Vehicle rental market has been experiencing growth, and it is a great opportunity for you to join one of these affiliate programs and generate passive income by converting your readers into clients. All of these three programs are present in most popular tourist destinations around the globe and cater to clients needs by providing the best services in each country. Today, Europe is not the only target for car rental companies, this segment has been taking over in all the continents including visa-complicated countries like USA, Canada, Australia and Japan, so that tourists can enjoy the freedom of their individual itinerary. As an affiliate, you’ll be provided with all the necessary tools, so joining affiliate programs is really easy and doesn’t require much time and investment!