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We updated the Aviasales calendar widget: What has changed

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We continue to actively update our affiliate tools to make them more convenient and beautiful. Now, it’s the calendar widget’s turn. In this post, we’ll share all widget updates and let you know when you’ll be able to see the new widget in your project.

What the new widget looks like

Naturally, the new widget looks better than the previous one. It is both tidier and cleaner. We didn’t take away any elements but changed their placement instead.



Will widgets already set up on blogs be updated automatically?

Some of you have already noticed updates to the calendar on your sites. This is because the widget updates automatically.

At the moment, we are running A/B tests and showing the new widget to some of our users. Depending on which target group the user is in, they may see either the old widget or the updated widget on an affiliate site on which the calendar widget is installed.

If the A/B testing shows that the updated version is more efficient, it will automatically be shown to all users. Otherwise, we’ll continue improving it.

What changed in the widget apart from design? 

Widget functionality remained the same. We did it specifically for cleaner A/B testing. Our goal is to make sure that the new widget is as good as the old one and offers the same functionality.

The only thing we removed is the option to select the currency directly in the widget. According to our stats, this function hasn’t really been used. This means the change won’t affect the results of the A/B testing.

Changes in the widget code

Even though the widget functionality hasn’t changed much, we fully updated its filling and removed the necessity to add code through iFrame.

The updated calendar widget is set up with a script, just like most Travelpayouts’ widgets, which allows the calendar to display beautifully and work properly on different devices and browsers.

If you notice any problems with the calendar or display or have some ideas on how to improve the calendar widget, feel free to share them with us at [email protected]

Where do flight ticket prices come from?

Flight tickets prices are still added based on API data that we share with our partners. API has access to millions of searches on Aviasales. Based on this data, the calendar shows the minimum price for a ticket to the specified destination.

If the destination is not very popular, the price may be missing. In this case, users need to press the button and launch the search on their own. The calendar widget will redirect the user to the Aviasales website or to the affiliate White Label according to the widget settings.

One more advantage of the update

The calendar widget is universal. Using this widget as a basis, we can create widgets for other advertisers in a short time. When we finish A/B testing and consider the calendar widget to be ready, we can start working with advertisers. This means that, in the near future, you’ll see many new cool tools available in affiliate programs!

We very much hope that there will be no second wave of the pandemic, the travel niche will continue to recover, and our new tools will help you earn more.