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Meet our team: Andrey Safronov, SMM Manager

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Meet our team: Andrey Safronov, SMM Manager

Andrey Safronov is our social media expert. He knows exactly how to pump up social media with a clever play on words, what SMM courses are the best in the market, when it’s the right moment to bail on everyone and have a moment to yourself, and how to make things shaken, not stirred (in every way).

Before Travelpayouts

  • My most fun work experience was working in a bar. Yes, I used to be a bartender.
  • I have a master’s degree in Heat Technologies. In simple words, these technologies provide households and industries with heating.
  • I used to live in Izhevsk, which is small town in Russia where I was born, and in Moscow.

Meet our team: Andrey Safronov, SMM Manager

My role at Travelpayouts

  • When I explain to my relatives what SMM is, I draw an analogy from the radio. You have a channel and an audience, people don’t see you, but, in my case, they read my texts. You can use words to communicate with the audience, and transmit emotions and mood.
  • Travelpayouts used to only have a Facebook page when they hired me. Today this is one of our most frequently used channels of communication to reach out to our Russian affiliates. As for Telegram, we use it to share more personal things: posting photos of our team, some jokes, talking about conferences we went to, congratulating each other on birthdays and other occasions. Our Youtube channel is dedicated to webinars, conference materials and our own entertaining show “TP TV.” Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet. In addition, we have an account in “Vkontakte” (Russian social media), Twitter and Linkedin.
  • We use different social media networks to cover a bigger audience. Everyone has their favorite platform, and we need to be present on as many networks as possible.
  • It is normal to encounter negative comments from the readers, as everyone is unique and has a right to express their opinion. You need to estimate how objective a comment is and admit a mistake, if you made one.
  • We don’t delete any comments even if they are negative, except for spam and messages containing insulting and offensive language which leads to their author being banned. Luckily, we have encountered such negativity only a couple of times.
  • I use the Trello platform to plan my content; the Amplifier website for publications in social media; MentionBrand analytics and Semrush for monitoring updates about our company from the web and social media, and bots to collect tweets.
  • I choose the time for a publication based on statistics of the page, calculating when was the maximum online presence of our followers in the past.

Work environment

  • I worked remotely for quite some time and hadn’t met the team in person during these months. Finally, when we met, I was very happy about it, because everyone is open and friendly, and it is easy to blend in both online and offline.
  • I am somewhere between a corporate person and a “loner.” If you work alone, nothing disturbs you, but I get most of my coolest ideas in the office, through communicating with colleagues.

Meet our team: Andrey Safronov, SMM Manager


  • I’ve been working at Travelpayouts for almost three years. I like creating content that encourages the audience to react, debate and be “alive.” For instance, by manipulating words. Another thing you need to work for Travelpayouts is a passion for traveling.
  • If you are exhausted emotionally, try meditation. It doesn’t require many skills and it trains your brain at the same time, because you need to focus on one thing. Actually, I don’t need to look for inspiration, I just sit down and start working.
  • Let me tell you about a formula for a person who can easily fit in our team: cheerfulness + adequacy and professionalism + individuality.
  • My dream job shouldn’t tie me to a particular location. I believe that at the moment my expectations meet reality.

Meet our team: Andrey Safronov, SMM Manager

Things I’d like to improve

  • I would improve understanding in our team, but I think it is an endless process.
  • Another improvement would be boosting my personal performance in different areas of my expertise which includes advertising campaigns, the creation of interesting content and productivity.

Let’s get personal

  • If aliens come one day and ask where they can learn about the human race best, I will send them to New York, where you can find the maximum in diversity of human qualities.
  • I would like to visit an Arabian country – Iran, Qatar or Saudi Arabia. Actually, one of my friends lives in Saudi Arabia, and I would love to visit him. Besides, it is fascinating in general to learn about different lifestyles and cultures.
  • Among my recently read books, I can highlight High Fidelity by Nick Hornby and Fight the Fear by Mandie Holgate.
  • My three favorite tracks that I would play at an office party are Hot Chip – Ready for the Floor, Foals – Cassius, LCD soundsystem – New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing me Down.

Further plans

  • In 10 years, I see myself as a much more experienced and wise person.
  • I would like to learn more about new product development and try to create my own project.