Cases and tips
How to migrate your site from http to https
Alexey Yanchuk, 19 April 20172 comments


HTTPS is an extension of the HTTP protocol which enhances the security of a site. In 2017, Google Chrome, for example, started labeling some non-HTTPS sites ‘Not Secure’. Our SEO expert Tatyana Zuikova has laid down step-by-step guidelines on how to migrate your site from http to https.

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Case №2. How to create a mobile application without SDK
Alexey Yanchuk, 5 April 20176 comments


Our affiliate Yassir Rouane has shared his experience how to develop an app for Android and iOS without SDK. Since 2016 he has been working as a developer and a webmaster.

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Case №1. Travel site with Android app
Alexey Yanchuk, 30 November 20166 comments


We have got the first case from our affiliate Jaseel. He has his own travel project and gets the main income from Android App based on our free Flights SDK.

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Top 20 Payouts in Travelpayouts
Alexey Yanchuk, 22 November 20169 comments


2016 is almost over. It’s high time we spoke about top payouts for recent 10 months in our affiliate program. All payouts include airline tickets, hotels and other offers. Be careful! Numbers motivate to make money immediately.

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Looking for Cases
Alexey Yanchuk, 10 November 2016No comments


Dear friends, we are starting a new column in our blog called Our Partners’ Cases. It is high time you shared your success story, motivated your colleagues and received a Travelpayouts bonus.

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