How to optimize and automate your work

How to optimize and automate your work using a travel blog

Travel blogging is an enjoyable and exciting job, but the grind is real. There are articles to write, photos to edit and posts to publish on social media. Our affiliate described her best tips on automating post-photo and video processing, optimizing images and making her articles more attractive to search engines with half the effort. The plugin samples we mention are for WordPress drafts, but the ideas can be replicated on any platform.

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How to build an effective user-generated content strategy

A complete guide to your user-generated content strategyWhile there are numerous tools marketers can use to promote their brands, UGC or user-generated content, is definitely one of the most effective ones. We’ve prepared a complete guide on how to boost your revenue, establish your brand credibility, draw in new customers and improve SEO utilizing this marketing strategy.

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