6 best alternatives for Google Keyword Planner

The six best alternatives for Google Keyword Planner

Correct keywords placement plays a vital role in any content management strategy. High-quality content with applied keywords drives most of the traffic to your website making their importance undeniable. Google Keyword Planner is often criticized for being more of an instrument for advertisers rather than for SEO. In this post, we’ve carefully picked up six alternative keyword spy tools and shared the options they provide to make your posts rank well in search engines.

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How to prepare content for a niche website

How to prepare content for a niche websiteDeveloping a content strategy for your niche website is one of the most challenging tasks an online entrepreneur may ever face. However, if you manage to harness the power of content, it will definitely become your most effective marketing tool and boost your profits considerably. We’ve prepared a comprehensive guide to writing content for a niche website that will help you grasp the ins and outs of content marketing and allow you to build the best content strategy to accommodate all your needs.

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15 best online grammar & punctuation checker tools

TOP 15 grammar checker tools for bloggers & writers

Whether you are a well-known writer or just an aspiring travel blogger, careful attention to grammar, syntax and punctuation helps keep your credibility and public trust intact. Proofreading an important article might sound obvious. But, remember to check every text you write, even if it is just a short email, to look professional – especially if you are not a native English speaker. In order to facilitate and speed up the process, make use of the best grammar software offering a wide range of features. Some are even integrated with popular platforms for blogging such as WordPress, for example. In this article, we’ll describe the most popular free and paid grammar checkers.

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