Interview with Ksenia Lyapkova, marketing manager at Travelpayouts
Yulia Domracheva, 27 September 20171 comment


We continue to introduce you to our affiliate network team. Our guest today is Ksenia
Lyapkova, marketing manager at Travelpayouts.
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Interview with Alexey Yanchuk from the Travelpayouts Team
Yulia Domracheva, 13 September 2017No comments

We continue to introduce you to our Travelpayouts team. Next on our list is Alexey Yanchuk, who manages our WordPress plugin development, participates in conferences, prepares landing pages and widgets for partners, and supervises the work of all our freelancers.

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Interview with Nikita Gurovsky, Head of Affiliate Relations
Yulia Domracheva, 16 August 20173 comments

We continue our series of interviews with Travelpayouts employees. Today, our guest is Nikita Gurovsky. You have seen Nikita in our webinar, met him at conferences or in the blog. If you have long been in the affiliate program, you may probably remember how Nikita responded to your tickets.
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Interview with head of Travelpayouts Affiliate Program
Alexey Yanchuk, 23 September 20163 comments


You’ve already heard a bit about some of Travelpayouts team members and ends and outs of other Aviasales team workflows. But we haven’t introduced our head of Travelpayouts Affiliate Program — Ivan Baidin. So, we clean up our act. Finally, we fished Vanya out from an infinite stream of tasks and asked about his work and life on the island.

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Interview with Alexey Shaikhaleev the developer in Travelpayouts
Alexey Yanchuk, 31 August 2016No comments

Alexey Shaikhaleev

We’d like to continue the series of interview devoted to getting you acquainted with our team. Today we had a visit from a Travelpayouts team developer. So, here we go.

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