How to create high-quality content for your site
Andrey Novoselov, 18 October 2017No comments

How to create high-quality content for your site

Your ability to select high-quality transactional search queries for new articles is of no use if you don’t know how to write articles. We are not  going to discuss literary lessons and creative techniques here. In this write-up, we will provide a concrete example of a technical task for a copywriter or content manager. Use the information to manage employees or organize your own work.
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Flight search project for PHP
Yulia Domracheva, 11 October 20172 comments


We provide our affiliate program members a flights search API on request. In other services, you have been receiving only API and documentation, but we have decided to make a template based on our flights search API — for those who simply do not have enough time to develop theirs.

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Search queries: the key to increasing income from Travelpayouts
Andrey Novoselov, 4 October 2017No comments

Transactional Search Queries

A travel blog can attract a large audience but not necessarily earn a high income. A webmaster must attract visitors who will spend money through the blog or site. Such visitors let you earn more by using an affiliate program with a cost-per-action (CPA) earning model, such as Travelpayouts. However, the question is how to understand in advance which visitors have aim to spend money and how to focus on such group. Search queries (SQ) will help you predict aims of audiences.
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Interview with Ksenia Lyapkova, marketing manager at Travelpayouts
Yulia Domracheva, 27 September 20171 comment


We continue to introduce you to our affiliate network team. Our guest today is Ksenia
Lyapkova, marketing manager at Travelpayouts.
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How to launch an online guide
Victor Pashinsky, 20 September 20175 comments


This article is a translation of a post from our Russian-language blog from affiliate Victor Pashinsky. In the article, Victor throws light on the process of launching an online travel guide about Georgia — from scratch to the first significant revenue.
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