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9 new Travelpayouts people: Welcome aboard

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In the past two months, the Travelpayouts team has added nine new people. They all are so different and interesting, and we want to introduce all of them to you.

Customer support service

We have four new customer support managers. So, we’ll be answering your questions faster.

Alima Kumukova

Alima has lived in four different cities. Now, she is settling down in St. Petersburg, but it might still not be her final choice. However, the local climate suits Alima just fine. She prefers rain, clouds and snow to sun and heat. But, there is one southern city that Alima adores: Istanbul, and she often travels there.

When Alima was four years old, a six-year old boy next door offered her to exchange a coloring book for her bicycle. Alima liked the offer in contrast to her parents who didn’t appreciate this cultural inclination of their daughter. Alima still hasn’t decided what she likes more as a hobby: drawing or leisure  sports.

In this picture, you can see Alima with her pet bulldog, Toffi, whom she usually calls Toff to make it sound more masculine.

Vasily Kostrakov

Vasily lives in Moscow. In his free time, Vasily reads books and learns more about science and technology. He loves traveling by car with his family, and he’s visited many towns in the Moscow region and in the central part of Russia. Vasily dreams of traveling around Europe, United States and other countries. We are sure that with Travelpayouts, he will make his dream come true.

Vladimir Fedorov

Vladimir is 22 years old, and before joining Travelpayouts, he spent two years working as a support manager for other companies. A year ago, Vladimir quit university and moved to Moscow because he realized that a diploma itself wasn’t important. Skills and high professionalism are what matters. Vladimir enjoys working with and helping people, and this is why he decided to become a customer support manager.

Today, Vladimir lives in Moscow and often travels to Kaliningrad because he misses the sea. He’s thinking of moving to Kaliningrad, or maybe Thailand or Indonesia.

Artem Batura

Artem is keen on the modern stoic philosophy. It all started because of the book “Stand Firm: Resisting the Self-Improvement Craze” by Svend Brinkmann who calls himself a negative psychologist and explores the stoic philosophy. These ideas captured Artem’s mind right away.

Today, positive psychology is trendy, and its followers assure us that all the problems are in our heads, which makes people feel guilty for all their bad luck and suffer even more. One of the stoic principles is that all the situations in life are either changeable or unchangeable. Meditation won’t influence economic disparity or ecology problems, so the best way is to concentrate on things that we are able to influence.

Development team

We dream big at Travelpayouts, and we’ve recently hired two more developers and are still looking for more specialists.

Oleg Frolov

Oleg moved to our Phuket office from Tashkent. He’s been working on front-end development for 14 years. In life, he likes small get-togethers with friends, traveling, extreme sports such as wakeboarding, surfing and snowboarding. His superpower is a positive attitude towards life and people. Oleg believes that life is beautiful in all aspects, so there is no reason to be sad. Otherwise, he would watch TV shows together with his wife, and this alone heals all the wounds.

Oleg Ivanov

Oleg moved to Phuket from Volgograd and instantly joined the development process. He threw himself into work and didn’t even have time to send us his photos. That’s why we suggest you look at this kitten who perfectly shows how Oleg is working on the Travelpayouts personal account.

In his free time, Oleg does crossfit, outdoor activities and meets with friends.

Analytics team

Some of our team members were crying from happiness when Travelpayouts finally got its first analyst. So far, Airat is our “Travelpayouts analytics team.”

Airat Zainutdinov

Airat loves numbers and inspires others. It seems like there is nothing more interesting for him than making a huge report or sort out the causes and effects of events.

Airat started by learning programming and stumbled upon a data analysis task with a lot of data about Titanic passengers: ticket class, room number, relation to other passengers and more. It was necessary to calculate the chances of survival of passengers after the shipwreck.

It sounds tragic, but Airat was surprised by the fact that it is possible to solve using data. After that, he started carefully studying data analytics and decided to join the Travelpayouts team.

Account managers

We have more and more interesting advertisers on our team and plan to expand in the near future, so we’ve hired more account managers.

Valeria Molkova

Valeria or Lera, to her friends and family, was born in Nizhny Novgorod and studied in St. Petersburg, where she lives now. She says that her relationship with the city is abusive. Most of the time she suffers from the local climate, but she fell in love with St. Petersburg at first sight when she was in school, and she still can’t leave it.

About a month ago, Lera sent us a cover letter with a CV, where she told us about her dream to have a dog, and now this dream has come true. She called her pet Chui so that when they come back home she could say “Chui, we are home”, just like in Star Wars.

Marketing team

Even if you’ve never worked in marketing, you can still join the Travelpayouts team as a junior expert. That’s how Olga started her career with us.

Olga Gachkova

This is the first time Olga has worked five days a week. Before that, she was a freelancer and traveled A LOT. She visited 40 countries and lived in the United States, Georgia and Spain. She decided that if not Russia, it would be Detroit. Meanwhile, you can see her in our office in St. Petersburg.

In Spain, Olga walked 730 kilometers on foot following the famous El Camino de Santiago until the city of Santiago de Compostela. She walked alone, with her backpack, over 26 days. In the end, pilgrims are supposed to be forgiven for their sins, so after this long route Olga believes that she’s paid her debts. This picture was made during this trip. You might be surprised by warm clothes. It was february, and the weather was quite cold.

You also can join the Travelpayouts team. We are always looking for talented and dedicated authors. You can work as a freelancer. If you are an author or a proofreader, send an email to [email protected]