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7 new people on the Travelpayouts team

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7 new people on the Travelpayouts team

This year, our team is growing faster than ever. Since the beginning of this autumn, we’ve added seven new members, and we are delighted to introduce them to you.

Business development team

Nikolay Lazarev

Nikolay managed to live in two English-speaking countries. At the age of 16, he went to study in Canada and then moved to Great Britain, where later he graduated with a degree in Mathematics from the University of Hertfordshire (Hertfordshire is a county in southern England, near London). 

Living abroad didn’t seem too intense for Nikolay, maybe because he spent most of his time studying and taking side jobs for the rest of the day. First, at a car wash in Hatfield, then moving forward to more fulfilling jobs in London. That year in London was the most interesting one from all the experience abroad. However, Nikolay decided to come back to Russia and join our team, and we sure are proud to have him with us.

Ekaterina Zabolotnaya

Ekaterina, or Katya, as friends call her, is keen on traveling, but not in the traditional sense. She participates in short-term voluntary projects. For instance, a few years ago, she was helping in the Reykjavik Botanic Garden, while this year Katya was busy cutting out the rhododendron in the Killarney National Park in Ireland, and now she knows so much about this plant that she could even give a lecture. 

Katya looks for projects on the SCI website. SCI (Service Civil International) works with projects ready to take on volunteers from abroad and local organizations helping people to find such projects. Every year, SCI publishes a list of projects on the website. 

Katya first chose Iceland and then Ireland because she is environmentally-minded and is in awe of the incredibly beautiful nature of these countries. 

Another type of traveling Katya adores is visiting Harry Potter filming locations and places otherwise related to this magical universe. 

Partner support department

Igor Barkovsky

Igor loves helping others. Well, to be honest, there is no other kind of employees on our support team. They are always ready to assist and answer your questions in detail. 

Igor’s biggest hobby is composing music. He started with analog playing (guitar and piano) and moved to the digital style in FL Studio. Igor dreams of composing a soundtrack for a film. Well, we are sure that his dream will come true and are waiting for this film to come out. 

On weekends, Igor and his girlfriend Olya sit down with their cat Masha and tell her how awesome she is. Cats are always the best anti-stress program. 🙂

Mikhail Tenetko

Mikhail lives in Sochi, with his wife, two children and two cats. Unfortunately, 10 years ago he lost hearing but later got two cochlear implants and is able to hear almost everything now.

Last year, one of his dreams came true, when he visited Hong Kong. Since childhood, he always adored this city, and Hong Kong fully met his expectations. 

For everyone going to visit Hong Kong, Mikhail advises to try the local cuisine like typical Hong Kong snacks in small cafes cha chaan teng. If you want to take a walk, consider visiting the old parts of the town such as Sheung Wan, for example. To see Hong Kong without skyscrapers, head up the Lantau mountain and then take a bus down that will take you around the entire island. 

Willian Salmanov

Willian loves cooking so no guest has ever left his house hungry. Willian himself loves to eat well. 

Another thing he likes is music. Willian has even started a small trip-hop project called Vellen, and the first single came out on October 15. 

Willian travels a lot. He loves Georgia and everything local: food, wine, people. Other interesting places he has visited include Indonesia, China and Kyrgyzstan. If given a choice between Kyrgyzstan and Maldives, he’d rather go with the first one. 

Have you noticed that all of our support managers have cats? Willian is not an exception, as he lives with his girlfriend and their funny cat Bulochka (Bun).

Development team

Nikolay Yanchuk 

Nikolay has an interesting career. He first undertook studies to become a developer but then withdrew. A year and a half ago, a lucky encounter with a developer from the Russian search engine Yandex inspired Nikolay to get a job as a developer. Ever since he’s been learning through the process of working. 

Nikolay has been to many European countries such as Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands and Poland. As for Russia, he used to go rafting and skiing in the city of Perm, close to the Ural Mountains.  

Dmitry Makhov

Dmitry quickly fit in. It seems like it’s been a long time since he joined the team. He likes to spend weekends at home, watching TV or going on adventures. 

Dima has a lot of good friends from his last job in Kiev (Ukraine). He even threw a party on his last workday there. Everybody was sharing memories, confessing love and trying to think how their lives would work out from then on. The place where they hosted the party was closing, so they needed to go somewhere else. Somebody said in jest that their friends would be giving a speech the next day in the city of Lviv, 530 kilometers from Kiev, and it’d be nice to support them. 

Six hours later, the whole team was in the Lviv train station, looking for a taxi. And the next 48 hours were very intense and memorable. 

If you also want to join the Travelayouts team, we are always in search of awesome copywriters. You can work remotely as a freelancer and have a regular job at the same time. If that’s you, fill in this Google form or send an email to [email protected]