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Meet our team: We have five new people at Travelpayouts

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You might have noticed that we have done a lot of interesting things within the last few months: we released Money Script as well as updated some of the dashboard sections and the Hotellook hotels map widget. To ensure that we make Travelpayouts better every day, we are expanding our team. Meet our latest crew members and greet them in the comments.

Victor Dmitriev

It is not uncommon for our former employees to come back to our company. Victor had worked with us three years ago before he moved to Berlin. Now he is coming back to Phuket.   

Victor is a physicist by training but always felt an inclination to informatics. At first, he considered working with computers. He was repairing them and was working at the TV studio, but some time later, Victor realized that he truly felt a call to creating user-friendly interfaces. 

Victor can’t imagine his life without travel and sport. At school he seriously considered becoming a professional football player. And, Victor has a green belt in taekwondo and is the first chess master.

Victor prefers to spend weekends with family and read autobiographies. His favorite books among others in this category are: Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson and  Shoe Dog by Phil Knight.

Ilya Osotov

Often people choose to become an IT developer against their parents` will. With Ilya, it was different. 

Almost everyone in Ilya’s family is in the military, even his mother. When it was time to choose a career path, Ilya wanted to follow in his parents` footsteps, but they were discouraging him. His father even helped him to enter the faculty of software engineering. Currently Ilya is working at the Travelpayouts office in Phuket and is eternally grateful to his parents for that. 

As a child, Ilya played professional football for nine years. Now, football and crossfit are among his hobbies.  

Artyom Lomonosov

At Travelpayouts, Artyom is improving dashboard design. He always gets into awkward and funny situations, so it might be interesting to shoot some kind of sitcom about him.

Once, after parachuting from 800 meters height, Artyom had to pay a fee for throwing away a parachute ring. It broke off when he opened the parachute and Artyom did not know that he had to bring it down to earth with him. 

Artyom does not like conflicts and tries to smooth things over. Once, when he was flying to Tasmania to a food and wine festival, the passengers on board were offered some red wine. His one clumsy move and a white shirt of the passenger next to him was covered with wine. His apologies in broken English did not really help and  the passenger was highly distempered although agreed that it was not Artyom`s fault. Flying next to the furious passenger for several hours was not fun, so Artyom decided to smooth the conflict by giving him a 50 euro note (he had no other cash by himself). In return the passenger was finally satisfied and their flight ended peacefully.    

Egor Khromov

Egor moved to the Travelpayouts Thai office from Irkutsk. Currently, he is still in Bangkok waiting for the flights to Phuket to start again, already actively involved in the working process. 

So far Egor has seen only Laos and Thailand, but he has great plans for the future such as visiting South America, climbing the mountain Roraima that inspired Arthur Conan Doyle when he was writing “The Lost World.” Seeing Machu Piсchu, getting to the Grand Canyon in the National Park in the US. Also, Egor wants to yacht the islands of Polynesia.

As for sport, Egor prefers bicycles, hiking, and strike-ball games based on the games «Stalker» and Half-Life.

Mikhail Ivanov

Mikhail joined the Business Development and Account Management team in the Travelpayouts office in Saint Petersburg. 

His real passion is yachting. He has already won bronze twice at the Saint Petersburg competitions and every summer he takes part in a huge Estonian sailing regatta. One of his rivals in the regatta is the president of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid, whom he had a pleasure to meet personally.

Mikhail is an experienced traveler. His favorite city is Berlin and his last discovery is Belgrade. During one of his first trips abroad, Mikhailwas living for a week at the railway station in Stockholm. He had money, but wanted to spend it on books and trendy clothes instead of accommodation. Besides, when you are 20, it seems rather romantic to live with no roof above your head. On the whole, that experience turned out to be pretty interesting and Mikhail has fond memories of it.